Learn These Useful Tricks To Avoid Any Sudden Wardrobe Malfunction 

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When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you can just laugh it off as a simple and little slip-up, but other times it can be incredibly embarrassing and in the worst of cases it can even be bad for your career. The potential for an outfit to “malfunction” is always there, which is why it is good practice to always come prepared. Keep reading to learn a few tips and tricks to help you avoid any sudden and seriously embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Have A Wardrobe Malfunction Kit

Don’t be caught off guard by a sudden outfit malfunction. Put together your own emergency kit filled with all sorts of fashion-saving tools. Be sure to include essential items such as a miniature lint roller, safety pins, dryer sheets, stain removing wipes, tape, and even a scarf. These might seem a bit strange, but we’ll explain why they’re essential.

Static Cling

Now, this isn’t the worst thing in the world, but it can make you look a little ridiculous and unprofessional. A sure-fire way to manage “the cling” is to run a wire hanger around your clothes to absorb some of the charges. Another thing to do is to rub yourself with a dryer sheet. This absorbs the static the best and leaves you smelling fresh for a few hours afterward.

Tape It Up

Tape is a major wardrobe saver. It can do some pretty amazing things. Garment tape, or double-sided tape if you’re in a hurry, can hold rips, undone hems, and bra straps in place so that nothing slips out and around. Depending on the type of fabric, you can tighten pants without a belt and it can even hold your garments in place on your body to complete a specific style and look to create a memorable and fashionable look.

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Hide Spills by Layering Up

When you spill something like tea, coffee, or even makeup on your shirt you need a quick fix. You can’t always carry a pullover or blazer to cover up with wherever you go. These options will also have you melting in a warmer climate. The best tip we can give you here is to carry around a thin scarf in black, white, or a neutral tone that can be paired with anything to cover up those accidental spills.

Wear The Right Underwear For The Outfit

Unless it is your aesthetic excessive boob bounce, and side boob could leave you feeling really uncomfortable and embarrassed. Let’s not even get into the discomfort of a nip slip in public. Make sure that you wear the correct size, fit and shape bra for your breasts and that it is supportive and comfortable. We know that this is easier said than done, especially if your boobs are big, but there are functional yet stylish full-figure bras out there, too. There are also plenty of tools out there to help manipulate your bra into a different shape to suit your outfit, but be sure to test it out before and find something that is comfortable. That way, if you have a boob slip, everyone will see your bra rather than your boobs.

Wear Underwear

It’s always a good idea to wear well-fitting underwear for your figure, but to avoid serious embarrassment and a potential slip, you should make do with what you’ve got and at least wear something. It is important that you wear underwear to protect your clothing. Panty lines are not the best, but they are way better than enduring the embarrassment of the wind ripping up your dress, or skirt, or bending over and exposing everything. Wear seamless underwear, or a thin thong to prevent awkward situations or even prevent the discomfort of a front wedgie. Even consider the idea of some boy shorts under a loose-fitting skirt. This way the wind will never catch you off guard.

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Layer Up if it’s Sheer

Lots of fabric these days is made of cheap quality, thin material. Don’t let that stop you from buying that shirt. You can wear it comfortably with a skin-colored shirt, camisole, or slip underneath. Depending on what the item is you could also take it to a tailor and get a permanent lining added to avoid the fuss of finding the corresponding item to wear underneath it each time.


White marks if you wear too much, and wet puddles if you don’t wear enough. Try out a few different invisible options and don’t wear too much. After applying your deodorant of choice you should leave it to dry for a few minutes before putting your clothes on. 

Hopefully, this list has been helpful. If nothing else, be sure to carry a little emergency kit around with you to prevent any nightmares.

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