13 Top French Fashion Trends to Follow in 2023

Long Gloves
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Long regarded as one of the most fashionable countries in the world, France is constantly churning out new trends that reflect the country’s chic, sophisticated fashion sense.

If you live in France, there is no shortage of boutiques, designer stores, department stores, and thrift stores where you can find the latest fashion-forward trends. If you live elsewhere and want to adopt an authentic French style, on the other hand, you may need to search a little harder to track down the right items for your wardrobe.

In any case, here are 13 of the top French fashion trends to keep in mind for 2023!

1. Statement Gloves

When it comes to gloves, France has been ahead of the curve for a few years now. Recently, the rest of the world has been busy catching up. Gloves are arguably the hottest accessory this year—particularly across casual and formal wear. 

Think about how stars have been rocking long gloves with a mini dress. They can convey glamour and elegance when paired with virtually any outfit.

Expect to see options beyond black or white opera gloves as well. Glove trends are syncing up with the bright colors and monochromatic choices of 2023. From pinks and yellows to blues and browns, no colors are off-limits in the proper context.

2. Sustainability

Sustainable Look
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In years past, fashion has undoubtedly had a negative impact on the environment. In fact, it’s estimated that the industry is responsible for up to 10% of all global carbon dioxide emissions.

Now, with seemingly all eyes on climate change and other environmental concerns, sustainability is more than just a fleeting trend. French designers are finally beginning to marry fashion sense with personal values. As a result, today’s styles feature more ethical practices, eco-friendly materials, and a greater focus on reducing waste.

3. Flowers

Floral patterns are nothing new. For many years, they have been used in various fashion categories. Today, however, French designers are implementing them in a new, fresh way.

Three-dimensional flowers are being incorporated into different types of clothing to help accessorize a piece and bring a new sense of elegance. While you’re unlikely to spot this trend in your average streetwear designs, it is making waves in high-fashion circles.

4. Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants Closeup
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Cargo has repeatedly dipped in and out of fashion over the years—ever since its conception in the late 1930s. Now that baggy, comfortable pants are in style, however, cargo is once again along for the ride.

In addition to traditional beige, khaki, olive, and black, soft colors are also being introduced. Think baby blues, soft pinks, and pastels.

5. Bright Colors

French Fashion Trends
Photo: FP

While black, white, gray, and beige tones are unlikely to ever go out of style, other neutral or muted shades are starting to take a backseat to bigger and brighter colors in 2023.

While the fashion rulebook has largely gone out the window when it comes to bright colors, you should still choose colors that complement your skin tone and reflect your personal style. If you’re new to brighter colors, slowly integrate them into your wardrobe via accessories before investing in major pieces.

6. Monochromatic Choices

Black City Outfit
Photo: FP

Monochromatic outfits are the inevitable fusion of French chic minimalism and the emerging trend of bright colors. Once a fashion faux pas, creating a full ensemble around an eye-catching color can make you appear organized and fashion-forward.

Of course, don’t feel obligated to stick with a single shade, either. Start with a primary color and implement an accent color using accessories. This is also one of the most effective ways to turn bland accessories into statement pieces!

7. Tech & Wearables

In 2023, French fashion is starting to mirror emerging trends in the tech world—such as artificial intelligence, smart devices, and wearables.

From self-regulating clothing to sneakers equipped with fitness trackers, expect to see more and more of these high-tech items permeating French fashion in years to come.

8. Bold Prints

Bold Prints
Photo: Tinxi / Shutterstock.com

While minimalism will always have a secure place in French fashion trends, we’re gradually shifting towards colorful, eccentric prints that we wouldn’t have seen only a few years ago.

From animal and tropical prints to swirling shapes and abstract patterns, there are all kinds of ways to be daring with your clothing and accessory choices.

9. Tie-Dye

Over the last few years, tie-dye has slowly crept its way back into the fashion fold. In 2023, there’s no stopping it.

With the return of bright colors, bold patterns, and eccentric prints, it would make sense that French designers are finding ways to work tie-dye into their designs. While especially popular in loungewear and streetwear, the trend is beginning to influence and take root in other French categories as well.

10. Different Denim

Embellished Denim
Photo: FP

Denim has been a fashion staple since its inception in the 1800s, and it’s unlikely that it will fade into obscurity anytime soon. However, French designers are using denim a little differently in 2023.

Distressed jeans and denim jackets remain in style, but more notably, patchwork, frayed hems, and other denim accents are being used to add detail to an otherwise straightforward outfit.

11. Larger Silhouettes

In 2023, French designers are opting for voluminous silhouettes. As you might imagine, exaggerating sleeves and pant legs is the most flattering way to implement this trend.

Pieces with frills, ruffles, and other puffy features in these areas can make the torso slimmer while making the extremities appear longer.

12. Mixing & Matching

In years past, many designers might have cringed at the thought of meshing pieces that had different patterns. However, mixing and matching is on the rise in a year when everything is bigger, brighter, and bolder.

Blending plaid and paisley or florals and stripe is no longer a recipe for an eye sore but a fashion-forward wardrobe choice.

13. More Hats

Statement Hat
Photo: FP

The hat is a timeless accessory that has always had a place in French fashion, and in 2023, we’re seeing the latest iteration of this style.

From berets and floppy hats to baseball caps and bucket hats, these accessories blur the lines between loungewear, streetwear, casual wear, and formal wear like never before. Choose a hat that reflects your personal flair and make it a statement piece!

Final Words

Polka Dot Prints Outfit
Photo: FP

As a global center of fashion, France continually redefines the boundaries of style. In 2023, French trends blend the best of yesteryears with a fresh, innovative perspective, accentuating boldness in every form—from radiant colors to audacious prints. 

These shifts also champion individualism, urging one to mix and match or go monochromatic, always reflecting one’s unique essence. For those seeking to stay à la mode, taking inspiration from these French fashion trends is an impeccable start.

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