Karlie Kloss Stuns with Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dazzling Garden

Joanna Elizabeth


Published October 11, 2023

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dazzling Garden Perfume
Karlie Kloss poses with Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dazzling Garden perfume. Photo: Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera unveils a scintillating addition to its iconic fragrance line—the Good Girl Dazzling Garden perfume. This limited-edition scent balances allure and sophistication, captured in a bottle that’s as dazzling as its name suggests.

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dazzling Garden Perfume

Karlie Kloss Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dazzling Garden Perfume
Karlie Kloss and Josh Upshaw shine in purple for Carolina Herrera’s limited edition Good Girl Dazzling Garden eau de parfum. Photo: Carolina Herrera

Karlie Kloss, the epitome of the Good Girl persona, joins forces with Bad Boy face Josh Upshaw in the Dazzling Garden promotional images. Kloss radiates in a purple sequin dress with bold cut-outs, a fashion choice that mirrors the bottle’s design, while Upshaw wears a suit.

Karlie Kloss shines in a cut-out purple dress as the face of Carolina Herrera's latest fragrance.
Karlie Kloss shines in a cut-out purple dress as the face of Carolina Herrera’s latest fragrance. Photo: Carolina Herrera

The collaboration between these two models adds a layer of intrigue, setting the stage for a fragrance that’s as multifaceted as the people who wear it. The pairing previously fronted a holiday fragrance ad for the scent.

The Bottle: A Stiletto in Bloom

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dazzling Garden Perfume Bottle
The Good Girl Dazzling Garden bottle by Carolina Herrera is a statement piece. Photo: Carolina Herrera

The bottle is a spectacle in itself, featuring the brand’s signature stiletto shape. But this isn’t just any stiletto—it’s a glittering purple masterpiece adorned with a golden flower. It’s as if the bottle whispers, “This is not your everyday fragrance; this is a statement.”

For those looking to indulge, the fragrance comes with a price tag of $144 for a 2.7 fl oz bottle. It’s an investment in a scent experience that promises to be as unforgettable as it is luxurious.

The Fragrance notes

Carolina Herrera Good Girl Dazzling Garden Eau de Parfum
A blend of almond, jasmine, and cocoa, the Good Girl Dazzling Garden fragrance is as complex as it is captivating. Photo: Carolina Herrera

Good Girl Dazzling Garden is a complex blend that defies easy categorization. Its olfactive family is described as an amber floral with a unique combination that hints at its layered depth. The top notes of almond open the experience with a burst of bold vibrancy.

As the scent unfolds, heart notes of Jasmine Sambac and Tuberose Chrystal introduce a bright femininity reminiscent of a sunlit garden. The base notes of Tonka Bean and Cocoa add a touch of mystery, like the last rays of a setting sun.

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