Bregje Heinen by Marc de Groot for Glamour Netherlands September 2010

Joanna Elizabeth


Published September 3, 2010

Working together once again, photographer Marc de Groot and model Bregje Heinen give a lesson in rockstar 101 with this dynamic spread from this month’s Glamour Netherlands. Styled by Marije Goekoop, Bregje sports an array of sequins, leather and sheer material in Rock Star Deluxe

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23 thoughts on “Bregje Heinen by Marc de Groot for Glamour Netherlands September 2010”

  1. Why does this photographer keep sending his work to this forum? We wanna see all the editorials from the big prestigious magazines! What is Jackie magazine??? The story looks so dated and that hair is SO bad.. I wish I could be more positive really!

  2. shame that my comment got deleted. so much for democracy. i mean what i said that i think it’s unnecessary to have these unknown magazine editorials on this site. a collection of the best editorials is so much more inspiring than this provincial stuff. I mean look at the hair and those badly done nails! its so much lower in quality than the other stories that are on this blog.

  3. Dutch Glamour is an unknown magazine? That’s news to me.

    A large portion of the editorials posted here are unpublished or from “unknown” publications. The purpose of this site is to show fashion from around the globe, not just Vogue, Numero, etc. Furthermore, your comment was not deleted–I never saw it. It must have been automatically sorted into the spam folder.

  4. It’s not the unknown nor the unpublished material that is the problem. It’s the general quality of work that is shown on the FGR, which as a whole is average. If I wasn’t in the fashion industry and if I didn’t know better, I’d think this is all there is. This isn’t to say all work showcased on FGR is average. A few editorials are good. An even rarer few perhaps great. Though I wouldn’t expect anything differently. There’s a reason why editors like Carine Roitfeld and Franca Sozzani are where they are. It takes years to develop a fashion eye. Thank you for the great effort in maintaining and running this site.

  5. Yes I do love your website and check it very often! I would love it though if you published pictures that you saw in magazines and really inspired you. Not ones that were emailed to you by hopeful photographers expecting publicity. I’m not against Dutch Glamour, but I just love it when the stories that are posted really stick out even though they’re from unknown magazines. I don’t find this story exceptional in any way. Please keep up the good work!


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