6 Useful Tips On How To Redesign And Reuse Your Kids Clothes

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Who doesn’t love kids’ clothes? They are so cute and colorful! But kids grow out of them quickly, which means you have to spend a lot of money on their clothing. This is the reason why many people want to redesign and reuse kids’ clothes. In this article, you will learn 6 useful tips on how to do that!

1. Cut off the bottom of a t-shirt and turn it into a skirt

Reusing a t-shirt from your kids’ clothes can be a great idea. Simply cut off the bottom of the t-shirt, and find out how to hem it into a skirt. This kids clothes DIY project is easy to do and can give you a great kids clothes hack for those long t-shirts.

Cut a t-shirt of kids down to the length you want. Make sure it’s longer than your desired skirt length and cut off the bottom hem. Now fold over two inches from one edge, then fold in half again so that there is a four-inch overlap on both edges of the fabric. Pin or draw a line across and sew along the top edge. 

2. Sew up an old shirt to create a dress for your daughter

Making a new dress for your daughter out of an old shirt you can easily make at home. All you need is a shirt, scissors, and a needle. First, cut the sleeves off the shirt until they are completely removed and then hem one side edge all around to create a dress shape. Then lay your daughter down on her stomach and put the dress over her head with the other end tucked under her. Stretch the shirt out from under your daughter’s stomach to get a good fit and then pin it in place on top of her dress with safety pins or bobby pins.

You can also design some creative decor on the dress and it is also easily done at home. In case your heat transfer vinyl is not sticking, don’t worry, there is a solution for everything. This way you can surprise your daughter with a brand new, yet authentic dress that she will love. 

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3. Turn old shirts into pillowcases or curtains

Making pillowcases or curtains from old kids’ clothes is also a great idea. You can make your own curtains, pillowcases, or bolsters from these kids’ clothes you have at home.

  • – pillows: Take the sleeves off an old shirt and hem one side edge all around 
  • – curtains: Use two different shirts for width and length with hems sewn so that they are pinned together when put into place as curtain panels. The seams should be placed just below eye level for best results 
  • – bolster covers: There are many ways of making this type of cover but it starts by cutting out rectangles from fabric that measure 27 inches x 13 inches then folding over edges to create borders before sewing. 
  • – kids’ bedspreads: This requires two shirts for width and length. The seams should go along the middle, with hems sewn on one side edge all around
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4. Make an apron out of an old shirt

Making your own apron is an easy way to reuse old kids’ clothes. All you need is a shirt that’s too small or doesn’t fit anymore, and some material for the ties at the top of the apron (you can use ribbon, string, fabric strips). Layout your shirt on a flat surface in front of you so the logo is facing up. Fold it over itself lengthwise down both sides to make two long pieces then measure how wide you would like your tie straps across the bottom edge. 

Cut off any excess width from each side before measuring again and cutting them into equal lengths leaving room for a double knot. Place one strap around each shoulder looping through themselves once before tying together securely under your chin either by hand or using another piece of material from the shirt.

5. Use clothing as decor 

Decorating with kids’ clothes is another good idea. You can hang them from the ceiling, use a tablecloth or curtain, and even make your own curtains with old kids’ clothes or fabric remnants. The only limit is your imagination on this one.

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6. Turn old jeans into shorts by cutting off the bottoms

Making shorts out of old kids’ jeans is a great way to reuse kids’ clothes. First, measure your child’s waist and then cut off the bottoms, straight across or with some shortening if desired.  Hem the bottom by turning them under and sewing down.

There are so many ways to upcycle old clothing and make it into something new. If you have any shirts that you don’t know what to do with, why not try one of these projects? You’ll be surprised at the different pieces of clothing that can be turned into a skirt or dress for your daughter, curtains in the living room, pillowcases for her bedding, or an apron for cooking in. Turn old jeans into shorts by cutting off the bottoms and turn them from pants into skirts too!

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