Vogue UK March 2012 Cover | Lana Del Rey by Mario Testino

Pastel Princess – Lana Del Rey covers the March edition of Vogue UK wearing Louis Vuitton. The pop musician poses for Mario Testino with glittering accessories and pastel hues.

11 Responses to “Vogue UK March 2012 Cover | Lana Del Rey by Mario Testino”

  1. Martin Sina Reply

    her face looks distorted! I won’t be surprised if they have done this purposely…VOGUE can do whatever they want! :)

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  3. Miss daddy’s girl by mummy’s boy = one crap picture.
    Alexandra wake up!!!!!

  4. i don’t understand why people like her or why they putted her into the spotlight… i mean she’s good, but that good. it’s a good cover, thought.

    •  1) People put her in the spotlight because we live in a disposable/A.D.D. society, in terms of entertainment, culture, and fashion.  She’s a hot new thing, so she was propelled into the spotlight and scrutinized.  Deal w/ it.

      2) If Katy Perry can be in our damn faces for 2+ years, and even she’s “not that good”, then Lana del Rey can also be put in the spotlight.

  5. what a bore. it’s like trannie pretending to be a little goose shepherd in a pink dress 😉 come on!

  6. LOL, i love people like Lana. They’re pretty & are hyped so well that they get a Vogue cover.  Hardworking hustlers like Gaga need to work for it, and wait a year for a Vogue cover.

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