Portrait | Christina Carey by Bec Lorrimer

The Stranger – Photographer Bec Lorrimer’s recent shoot carries an air of intrigue with model Christina Carey wearing simply chic looks styled by Lucy Edmonds. Topped off with effortless hair and make-up by Rachel Montgomery,…

Portrait | Julia Bijoch by Jacek Zajac

Somehwere Between Waking and Sleeping – These beautiful portraits lensed by Jacek Zajac feature model Julia Bijoch (D’Vision) basking in the water, sand and sun with swimwear and casual tops.

Portrait | Ashley Heller by Patrick Xiong

Dangerous Beauty – With undone hair and a killer pout, Ashley Heller (The Rock Agency) is effortlessly cool in these sultry portraits by Patrick Xiong.

Portrait | Allaire Heisig by Pierre-Luc Moisan

The Introduction – Fresh face Allaire Heisig (Viva Paris) poses for Pierre-Luc Moisan’s lens in this uber glossy portrait series. Styled by Moira Cristescu, Allaire dons simply chic looks paired with lightly curled hair by…

Portrait | Cheyenne Tozzi by Brooke Coffey

Interlude – Brooke Coffey captures Cheyenne Tozzi in this pared down series where natural hair and makeup reign supreme. The Aussie model also dons a relaxed wardrobe courtesy of stylists Angelo & Didier.

Portrait | Kate Somers by Felix Wong

Out of the Darkness – An anguished Kate Somers (Supreme) sports knit layers in this pared down series of images lensed by Felix Wong.

Portrait | Danielle Hayes by David K. Shields

Bright Story – David K. Shields photographs New Zealand model Danielle Hayes in these recent colorful portraits. Wearing the designs of Company of Strangers, Jimmy D, Bernhard Willhelm and others; the freckled face exudes natural…

Portrait | Meaghan Waller by Nando Esparza

Take it Easy – Nando Esparza photographs Canadian beauty Meaghan Waller (DNA Models). Styled by Jade Josey with beauty by Renee Lee, the black and white portraits take on a nonchalant attitude.

Portrait | Liza Golden by Tim Zaragoza

Pretty Woman – Model Liza Golden (New York Models) channels all-American greats Cindy Crawford and Shana Zadrick in these summery shots by Tim Zaragoza. Zaragoza’s images are reminiscent of Cindy Crawford’s famous Pepsi campaign with…

Portrait | Laragh McCann by Zachary Handley

Natural Beauty -Photographer Zachary Handley shows less is more with these pared down portrait of Laragh McCann gone au naturel. Styled with simple pieces selected by Elle Packham, the Irish beauty dazzles in every picture…