Lily Cole by Peter Ash Lee for Corduroy #9

Joanna Elizabeth


Published August 21, 2011

Full BloomPeter Ash Lee captures actress and model Lily Cole for the latest issue of Corduroy Magazine. Styled by Tamara Cinick in simple attire from the likes of Mulberry, Erdem and Pringle of Scotland, a brunette Cole wows with her doll like beauty.

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14 thoughts on “Lily Cole by Peter Ash Lee for Corduroy #9”

  1. Not a fan of Lily’s straight, dark hair. It’s a bit trashy. I miss those curly red locks. 

    I agree with the article– there is a sort of peacefulness about Lily in these photos, however.

    • By opening this statement with “I’m sorry” means you’re clearly not sorry and used the term “plus size” as almost an insult.
      She definitely wouldn’t be considered plus sized here. Who cares if she’s not waif thin, she looks fantastic.

    • I don’t think Gerardo is meaning to cause offensive by his comment. But stating the fact she’s gained a bit of weight by saying she’s “plus size” is really not needed, however everyone is entitled to an opinion. It’s not like he said “oh my god she’s so fat”, he is using “fashion terms”.  It’s also an “insult” to say she look trashy as Bcool9 said, but no one said anything about that.

      Regarding the editorial, I think it’s awful. She doesn’t look good with dark hair. Not really been a fan of her anyway…


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