Flare Features Models With No Makeup or Photoshop in March Issue

Joanna Elizabeth


Published February 2, 2015


The March 2015 cover story from Flare shows that these models really #WokeUpLikeThis as the five fresh faces pose with no makeup and no photoshop for a dramatic statement. Set to hit newsstands on February 16, the images star Jenna, Ashley, Sophie, Shelby, Nadiya, Charlotte and Sasha captured by Peter Ash Lee with styling courtesy of Jillian Vieria. What do you think of these no makeup beauties?


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Images: FLARE/Peter Ash Lee

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9 thoughts on “Flare Features Models With No Makeup or Photoshop in March Issue”

  1. Speachless, i find they’re quite ugly, their faces sick and maculine…Adriana Lima even without make up stay super! I don’t like that much this kind of models, they are good to wear clothes but we couldn’t say they’re good looking…i think they couldn’t be quite pretty neither with make up lol

    • Honestly, that’s a very rude comment. That’s like asking for more photoshopped editorials. These are models and if their faces don’t appeal to you, it’s completely insensitive to call them ugly or sick.

  2. Why does it have to be one end of the spectrum or the other. How about Flare calm the F down and do a shoot with models in makeup that isn’t retouched with out digital after effects or camera filters. They wanted us to think these girls were ordinary and not very pretty to prove a sick point… that secretly, despite hating our selves for not measuring up, we want the fantasy, the retouching.

    Personally, I want them to find beautiful girl, show them wearing wonderful clothes in exotic locations. However, I want to know I can recreate it at home – with makeup, with proper eating and average fitness.

    The issue isn’t that we want to be sold an ugly girl. We want to be shown what is possible when we look our best. THAT will make me buy an issue, believe the story and shop the items.

  3. Models are more than just a pretty face. In fact, not all models are considered pretty. To make it in the fashion world you have to be interesting looking, not just pretty. All of these girls prove to be interesting looking without makeup and without photoshop. None of the girls in this shoot look especially similar. Each of them are aesthetically different and unique in their own way, and more so than the average person.

    Honestly, not everything you look at has to be immediately aesthetically pleasing; if that’s how things were that would be incredibly boring. We’re all human, we all have bad hair days and days when we look a little tired or worn down, and that’s a fact. And if you’re only willing to buy a magazine if the people on the cover of it look pretty/handsome… Well, that’s pretty shallow. How would you like it if people didn’t buy things from you, talk to you or give you a chance because they thought you were ugly? It’s a gift to be able to find beauty somewhere that most people aren’t willing enough to pause and consider for even a few seconds.

  4. I would love the same exercise with girls that are not 14 to 16 years of age. We all didn’t need makeup or photoshop then…

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