Anisa Dagher Wears Bold Designs in Harper’s Bazaar Thailand

Joanna Elizabeth


Published April 16, 2024

Photos by Andrew Yee
Styling by Marco Antonio

The March 2024 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Thailand becomes a canvas for Anisa Dagher’s striking presence, captured by photographer Andrew Yee (Atelier Management). Styled by Marco Antonio, the editorial weaves a tale of retro-futurism with ensembles that speak volumes with their bold silhouettes and shimmering details.

Anisa, amidst a backdrop of serene waters and a landscape littered with remnants of metal and machinery, dons a wardrobe that alternates between the drama of fringe and the sophistication of sequins.

The fashion narrative is bold, painting with reds and purples juxtaposed against timeless black. These colors, rich in their saturation, are complemented by the glint of embellishments.

Antonio also works on makeup, giving Anisa a dark berry lip that anchors her look, while hairstylist Elsa sculpts an updo that mirrors the editorial’s futuristic tone. Anisa Dagher’s appeal doesn’t end with Harper’s Bazaar. Her beauty is also the highlight of a recent editorial for Vogue Arabia.

Hair by Elsa
Makeup by Marco Antonio

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