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Published March 18, 2015


Updated October 6, 2018

‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight
‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight

In celebration of the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty retrospective at the V&A, photographer Nick Knight has created a tableaux of never seen before photography captured backstage at the 2004 American Express: McQueen Black Event.The exhibition curated and co-hosted by the designer himself, showcased black pieces from the archive and others especially designed for the event.

‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 1)
‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 1)

(From Left to Right) 1. Silver Sequin full Length dress with Black Strap Shoe (SS04 – Deliverance) 2. Black Organza Ruffle Asymmetric Dress with Black Leather Orchid Shoes (SS01 – Voss) 3. Black leather all in one with Black ankle studded boots (AW 03 Scanners) 4. Black Highway Man Hat by Phillip Treacy with Black Highway Man Billowing Cape with Black Lurex Trousers and Black Glitter Shoes (AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) 5. Black satin and net asymmetric ruffle dress – AW 03 What a merry go round. Black knee high back lace up boots (AW 02 Supercalifragilistic) 6. Black Corset Bustier all-in-one with black beaded shoulder piece and Black Ankle Boots (SS02–The Dance of The Twisted Bull) 7. Black Organza Cape with Embroidered Beads and Black Organza Trousers with Organza Beads with Black Satin Sandals (SS03 – Irere) 8. Black Chiffon Empire Line Dress with Silver Embroidery (Special Piece) with Black Leather Boots (AW03 – Scanners) 9. Black Bull Dress with Sword and Black Thigh High Boots (SS02–The Dance of The Twisted Bull)

Nick Knight’s tableaux, titled ‘Black’, features the designer as well as top models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lily Cole and Gemma Ward. For the first time in 11 years, a composite of the images has been released including four sections. About the work, Knight (who worked with McQueen since the mid-90s) says, “[McQueen] knew the Black Event was an important moment that should be preserved and shown to the world, so this project has been a great way for me to reflect upon and celebrate our working relationship.”

‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 2)
‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 2)

(From Left to Right) 1. Black Leather Punched Waistcoat with Black Leather Punched Mini Skirt and Black Pirate Boots with Horn Heel (SS03 – Irere) 2. Black empire line bodice with lace drapping and jet beading- AW 01 What a merry go round 3. Black leather S bend trousers – SS 03 Irene Black leather belt – SS 03 Irene 4. Long black leather lace up gloves – AW 02 Supercalifragilistic | Black rosary shoes – SS 03 Irene) 5. Black Lace Princess Dress with Black Knee High Back Lace Up Boots (AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) 6. Black net ruched long sleeve top, black tafata ball gown skirt, black leather boots (AW02 Supercalifragilistic) | Gemmed Metal Yashmak by Shaun Leane (SS2000 – Eye) with Black Leather Knickers (SS03 – Irere) and Black Studded Boots (AW03 – Scanners) 7. Black Leather Harness with Moulded Face Piece with Black Lace and Chiffon Teddy and Black Thigh High Front Lace Boots (AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) | Black crepe pin jacket, black crepe pin trousers, black raven cape, black satin sandals (SS 04 Deliverance) 8. Black Chiffon High Neck Top with Silver Arm Discs by Shaun Leane Black Chiffon Knee Length Layered Skirt and Black Rosary Shoes (SS03 – Irere) 9. Silver Metal Coil Bodice By Shaun Leane (AW99 – The Overlook) with Black Balloon Pants and Black Satin Sandals (SS2000 – Eye) 10. Black Feather Bodice with Black Boiler Suit Pants and Black Satin Sandals (SS03 – Irere)

‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 3)
‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 3)

(From Left to Right) 1. Black chiffon corset dress – SS99 # 13. Silver thorn head piece by Shan Leane and black satin sandals (AW 96 Dante) 2. Black Lace Antler Headpiece with Lace Dress (AW96 – Dante) with Black Knee High Back Lace up Boots (AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) 3. Alexander McQueen 4. Black knit and chiffon all in one and Black glitter shoes (SS 04 Deliverance) 5. Black Jellyfish Cape with Black Ruched Chiffon Jacket, Black Satin Trousers and Black Leather Boots (AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) 6. Black chiffon long sleeve top, black cigarette pants with gold and silver button embroidery , black lace up ankle shoes (AW 01 What a merry go round) 7. Black damask and feather pirate coat with white back stitching, black snake skin wrap bra and knickers, black pirate boots with horn hill (SS03 Irene)

‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 4)
‘Black’ Alexander McQueen tableaux by Nick Knight (Part 4)

(From Left to Right) 1. Leather tiger dress with flesh net cut out – AW 97 It’s a jungle out there. Black leather front lace up thing high boots (AW 02 Supercalifragilistic) 2. Black Jersey and Satin Ballerina Dress with Thigh high Crystal Embroidered Boots (SS04 – Deliverance) 3. Black silk victorian jacket with ruffle sleeves, black A line jet beaded skirt, black knee high boots with back lace up (AW 02 Supercalifragilistic) Silver finger by Shaun Leane, silver coil neck piece by Shaun Leane (AW 2000 Eshu) 4. Black Wrap Coat with Gold Embroidery and Sash (AW01 – What a Merry go Round), Black Long Sleeve Shirt, Black Trousers with Full Length Woven Tassels and Black Leather Boots (AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) 5. Black Military Asymmetric Coat with Gold Embroidery (AW96 – Dante), Black Chiffon Top with Distressed Lace Cravat, Black Chiffon Skirt with Multi Layered Distressed Lace (both AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) and Black Leather Thigh High Boots (AW04 – Pantheon ad Lucem) 6. Black Beaded all-in-one, Silver mouth-piece by Shaun Leane and Black Rosary Shoes (SS03 – Irere) 7. Black Coat with Gold Embroidery and Sash Sleeves (SS2000 – Eye), Black Leather Gloves (AW04 – Pantheon ad Lucem), Black Satin S-Bend Trousers and Black Ankle Boots (both AW02 – Supercalifragilistic) 8. Black Pirate Jacket with Gold Lace Shirt, Gold Sequin S-Bend Trousers, Black Leather Belt with Mother of Pearl Buckle and Black Rosary Shoes (SS03 – Irere) 9. Chiffon dress with sequin embroidered skull – Special piece. Black lace up shoe with metal boot (SS 04 Deliverance)

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