Long Bob Haircut Trends: Finding the Perfect Style

Joanna Elizabeth


Updated February 8, 2024

Long Bob Haircut Lob
Find the perfect long bob haircut for you.

The long bob haircut, or lob, has become a popular hairstyle in recent years. This beloved cut, a favorite among celebrities and beauty fans alike, seamlessly blends classic elegance with contemporary cool.

A long bob is a women’s hairstyle cut around the collarbone level or shoulders, offering a longer variation of the classic bob. This versatile style can be adapted to various hair types, including straight, wavy, or curly.

Long Bob Haircut Ideas

Back Lob Haircut
The lob hairstyle hits around the shoulders. Photo: Shutterstock

From the sharp angles of an A-line cut to the playful bounce of wavy textures, the lob haircut proves its adaptability. Whether it’s the understated sophistication of a straight lob or the vibrant impact of a blonde tone, this hairstyle maintains its position at the forefront of fashion trends.

Balayage Lob

Balayage Lob
A balayage lob brings a balanced blend of colors for an enchanting effect. Photo: Shutterstock

The Balayage Lob is an enchanting hairstyle that features a sun-kissed gradient of natural-looking highlights. This technique involves hand-painting lighter shades onto the hair, creating a soft, seamless transition that mimics the subtle effects of sunlight.

The balayage lob is relatively low maintenance, with the grown-out highlights only adding to the depth of the style over time.

Wavy Lob

Wavy Lob Jenna Ortega
Ride the wave of style with a luscious wavy lob that is effortlessly chic, like Jenna Ortega shows. Photo: lev radin / Shutterstock

For those who want a versatile look, the Wavy Lob combines the ease of medium-length hair with the playful nature of waves. This hairstyle is distinguished by its textured waves, which add volume and a breezy, carefree aesthetic.

The focus here is on the soft bends and ripples throughout the hair, which can be enhanced with a light mist of sea salt spray.

Lob with Highlights

Lob Highlights Jessica Alba
Brighten your lob haircut with striking highlights, as shown by Jessica Alba. Photo: s_bukley / Shutterstock

For a little color, a Lob with Highlights helps accentuate its shape and texture. The gentle flow of color amplifies the natural movement within the cut, offering a multidimensional look that brings out the softness of the waves.

The strategic placement of lighter tones around the face can illuminate the complexion, while deeper shades beneath add depth.

A-line Lob

A-line Lob
Experience the sleek sophistication of an A-line lob, where beauty meets precision. Photo: Shutterstock

The A-line Lob is characterized by its gradual lengthening from the back to the front, creating a sharp, angular silhouette that frames the face beautifully. This cut is often styled with a subtle inward bend at the ends to emphasize its distinctive line.

Regular trims are essential to maintaining the A-line shape. You can style it with a round brush and blow dryer to achieve a sleek effect.

Choppy Lob

Choppy Lob
Embrace a bold statement with a choppy lob, blending edginess with chic. Photo: Shutterstock

Embrace texture and an edgy, deconstructed look with the Choppy Lob. It features deliberately uneven, piecey layers that create a sense of fullness and movement. This style is particularly favorable for those with fine hair, as the varying lengths can give the illusion of volume.

Styling involves texturizing products to enhance the choppy layers, and a tousle with the fingers for an effortlessly chic finish.

Blunt Lob with Bangs

Blunt Lob Bangs
Embrace a bold look with a blunt lob haircut paired with eye-catching bangs. Photo: Dev Asangbam / Unsplash

The Blunt Lob with Bangs combines the clean lines of a blunt cut with the soft framing of forehead-grazing bangs. This hairstyle strikes a balance between boldness and elegance, offering a refreshing update to the classic lob.

Regular trims are necessary to keep the edges sharp to maintain this chic look, and styling with a smoothing serum ensures the bangs sit neatly.

Layered Lob

Layered Lob
Upgrade your style with a layered lob haircut for a dynamic and versatile look. Photo: Shutterstock

A Layered Lob offers a versatile and dynamic approach to the traditional lob haircut. With layers cut throughout, this style adds volume and allows for natural movement within the hair.

It is perfect for any face shape, with the layers working to frame the face and enhance its features. Use light-hold styling products to maintain the hair’s natural bounce.

Blonde Lob

Blonde Lob Jennifer Lopez
Brighten your look with a stunning blonde lob, channeling glamour like Jennifer Lopez. Photo: Tinseltown / Shutterstock

For those with lighter hair, a Blonde Lob is a radiant hairstyle with the striking impact of blonde tones. The color can range from cool icy blondes to warm honey shades, offering a spectrum of looks that can be customized to complement various skin tones.

Care routines involve purple shampoos to maintain the desired tone and deep conditioning treatments to keep the hair looking healthy.

Side-Part Long Bob

Side Part Long Bob Haircut Selena Gomez
A side-part long bob has a subtle yet impactful shift, as Selena Gomez shows. Photo: Tinseltown / Shutterstock

The Side-part Long Bob introduces an asymmetrical edge to the classic lob, offering a flattering angle to elongate the face and highlight the cheekbones.

The deep side part allows the hair to sweep across the forehead, creating a soft, face-framing effect that adds a touch of mystery. This style works well with both straight and wavy textures.

Straight Lob

Straight Lob Kim Kardashian
Achieve the ultimate chic look with a straight lob, like Kim Kardashian wears. Photo: Tinseltown / Shutterstock

The Straight Lob is a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle, where the simplicity of the cut is its standout feature. The hair features blunt ends, with a focus on achieving a smooth, polished look from roots to ends.

To keep the straight lob looking pristine, regular use of heat protectants during styling, along with anti-humidity products, helps maintain its smooth texture and prevent frizz.

Red Long Bob

Red Long Bob
Turn heads with a fiery red long bob, radiating confidence and style. Photo: Shutterstock

Make a bold statement with the Red Long Bob. Go for a vivid hue reminiscent of autumn leaves or a sunset’s glow that skims just above the shoulders.

Maintaining the intensity of this red hair color requires specialized color-safe hair care products and routine salon visits for color touch-ups.

Lob with Curtain Bangs

Lob Curtain Bangs
Combine softness and structure with a lob featuring curtain bangs. Photo: Wesley Tingey / Unsplash

The Lob with Curtain Bangs is a modern, flirtatious hairstyle that combines a short haircut with the face-framing grace of split bangs. The bangs are parted down the middle, gently sweeping to each side to frame the face, reminiscent of the soft drape of curtains.

This style adds a touch of retro glamour to the lob while keeping it fresh and contemporary.

Ombré Lob with Brown Shades

Ombre Lob Jenna Dewan
Dive into depth with an ombré lob, showcasing rich brown shades for a warm effect, like Jenna Dewan. Photo: DFree / Shutterstock

The Ombré Lob with brown shades is a hairstyle that offers a gradient of color, blending from deep, rich roots to lighter, caramel-kissed ends for a summer look. The lob itself is cut to drape just above the shoulders.

To maintain the nuanced tones of the ombré, it’s important to minimize heat styling, which can help preserve the integrity of the lighter shades.

Textured Lob

Textured Lob
Textured lobs offer a playful twist to traditional styles, adding volume. Photo: Shutterstock

Embrace a choppy look with a highlighted Textured Lob. This medium-length style creates an illusion of depth and density, making it an excellent choice for adding a pop of color to the hair.

The layered technique used to cut this lob results in a voluminous and full-bodied appearance, particularly when styled with waves that emphasize the hair’s natural texture.

Quick Tips for Styling a Long Bob

Styling Long Bob
Rock your long bob with these quick styling tips for an effortlessly chic look. Photo: Shutterstock

Your lob haircut is a canvas for creativity, ready to be transformed for any setting. Dive into these practical styling strategies for a lob that easily adapts to every occasion.

Day-to-Day Elegance: Casual Styling Tips

  • Embrace Texture: A spritz of texturizing spray can elevate your lob’s waves, giving off an air of nonchalant chic.
  • Tousled Ponytail: Gather your tresses into a low ponytail, allowing loose strands to frame your face.
  • Charming Accessories: Personalize your look with decorative headbands or clips, ensuring they echo the aesthetic of your outfit.

Layered Looks for the Long Bob

  • Beachy Waves: Use a curling wand for gentle waves, then lightly tousle them with your fingers for a relaxed, beachy allure.
  • Half-Up, Half-Down: The half-up, half-down approach not only showcases your lob’s layered complexity but also fits plenty of events.

Sleek & Chic: Achieving a Polished Straight Look

  • Prep with a Heat Protectant: Begin with a protectant spray to shield your strands from the damage of styling.
  • Use a Flat Iron: Section your hair and methodically straighten from the roots down for an impeccably sleek finish.
  • Finish with Shine Serum: A touch of serum can provide a lustrous sheen and control flyaways, channeling a polished appearance.

Embracing the Lob

Purple Lob
From wavy to straight and curly, the lob is a versatile haircut. Photo: Shutterstock

The long bob haircut shows the beauty of versatility in hairstyling. Adaptable to any face shape and accommodating a range of hair textures, this chic cut ends around the shoulders, perfectly balancing short and long hair.

Whether it’s subtly highlighted for depth, cut into a sleek straight style, or playfully waved for a carefree look, the lob is a brilliant choice for those seeking a trendy hairstyle.

As a canvas for creativity, the lob allows for personal expression while maintaining a classic, enduring appeal. So go ahead and have your hairstylist give you a lob today.

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