karmen Karmen Pedaru Interview | Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive

At twenty years old, Estonian model Karmen Pedaru (MJ Models & Next) has done more than most models could dream of in a lifetime. After rocking the runway this past season and appearing in the pages of Numéro, Vogue Germany and Vogue Italia, Karmen is poised to continue her success with the upcoming Emporio Armani campaign. As a former athlete, Karmen compares her career to a sport; stating that, “Modeling is kind of like a sport. You need a lot of endurance and focus.” If that’s true, than Karmen is definitely in the race to win with her stunning looks and cool style.

How were you discovered?
I was discovered in Drama Theatre in Estonia when I was 15 years old.

katie fogarty interview Katie Fogarty Interview Part II | FGR Q&A

In the second part of our interview with Mother Model Management‘s Katie Fogarty, Katie talks about the difficulties of balancing a modeling career with a normal life. View part one here.

What is a unique fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?
I am a big nerd. In school I always strived to get straight As and played basketball and was involved in about 5 different clubs before modeling. I think that’s why I can model and do school at the same time now!

katiesign Katie Fogarty Interview Part I | Fashion Gone Rogue Exclusive

Having a few seasons of experience under her belt with campaigns for the likes of Balenciaga and D&G, American model Katie Fogarty (Mother Model Management & Next) has proven to be much more than just another pretty face on the runway. When she is not dominating the catwalk, Katie is the all American teenager; splitting time between school, her family, friends and two golden retrievers. In the first part of our interview with Katie, she reflects on her personal style and her career thus far.

How do you feel about your experience as a model? Has it changed you somehow?
It’s funny actually, I was just browsing through my emails from a year ago and noticed how much I have changed. I have grown into an independent, powerful, confident, and traveled woman.

elisanylon. th Nylon Guys | Elisa Sednaoui by Ward Ivan Rafik

After appearing in publications such as Elle Italy and Vogue Germany, model-actress Elisa Sednaoui (d’management group) is poised to take the acting world by storm this year with two films–Bus Palladium and Eastern Drift. Photographed by Ward Ivan Rafik for March’s Nylon Guys, the Italian beauty reveals her fiery personality in La Dolce Vita.

Make no mistake about it, Sednaoui wants to do more than just be another pretty face. “I’m not here to be in a bikini and be slapped on the ass and say two sentences,” she tells writer Rebecca Willa Davis. Elisa fans can look forward to Bus Palladium in March, and–as Fashion Gone Rogue has exclusively discovered–two editorials for major publications in the upcoming weeks.