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12 GIFs Explaining Why People Love Kate Upton

Kate is very patriotic. Source: dailykateupton

The GIF of Kate Upton–Last week, Kate Upton celebrated her 22nd birthday and is it just us, or has the American model has taken over the world of fashion? From Vogue covers to shoots with Karl Lagerfeld, she’s always making headlines. We thought, what better way to celebrate the Sports Illustrated babe than gather twelve of her greatest GIFs? And in the process, explain why she has been so endearing to men and women these past four years. Check out the Kate Upton GIF roundup below.

Kate can do high fashion. Source: outsidernumberone

But she can also do sexy. Source: vicssecretmodels

She looks good in white. Source: dailykateupton

Kate seems like a pretty fun person to be around. Source: martinsfksk

Kate could maybe save you if you were drowning? Source: 13deep

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