Ray-Ban Updates Its Iconic Wayfarer With Vibrant New Colors

August 18, 2022
Ray-Ban Summer Colorblock Sunglasses Collection
Ray-Ban launches Summer 2022 Colorblock Glasses collection. Photo: Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban has introduced their Summer Colorblock eyewear collection, which features a vibrant take on the timeless Wayfarer design. The style, which have become a symbol of youth culture, have been reimagined in recent designs.

Ray-Ban Summer Colorblock 2022 Campaign

Ray-Ban Summer Colorblock Wayfarer Sunglasses
The Wayfarer design is featured in Ray-Ban’s Colorblock Summer collection. Photo: Ray-Ban

This updated version is more daring than previous iterations since it features trendy transparent frames in brilliant colors that are reminiscent of summer. The company conceived these one-of-a-kind combinations due to the influence of the vivid hues of digital art.

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Ray-Ban Summer Colorblock Glasses Campaign
A model poses in the Ray-Ban Summer 2022 Colorblock Glasses campaign. Photo: Ray-Ban

Colors include cherry red, vibrant green, sapphire blue, and magenta pink with matching cords. Since the 1960s, the Ray-Ban brand has long had a solid connection to the world of music. A new campaign for the Colorblock collection features models and vibrant artwork, evoking summer fun.

The Ray-Ban Summer Colorblock collection features six color options.
The Ray-Ban Summer Colorblock collection features six color options. Photo: Ray-Ban

The legendary Wayfarer sunglasses were a part of the rock and roll revolution of the 1960s, the art scene of the 1980s, and the hip-hop scene of the 1990s; nevertheless, in 2022, the eyewear company continues to innovate.

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