Are Grey Diamonds Really Popular? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

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With soaring popularity from social media influencers and celebrities, grey diamonds are trending fast and furious. Elegant, minimalist, and unique, these diamonds come in more than ‘50 shades of gray’. From a pale platinum gray to a deep charcoal gray, these diamonds are a new rage and you need to get one now! 

Here is all that you need to know about grey diamonds.

The Secret Behind Grey Diamonds

Colored diamonds have always spurred the interest of diamond collectors, however, the colors of choice have been limited to yellow, pink, or blue. Grey diamonds have existed for a while, however, their popularity is a relatively modern phenomenon. 

The world we inhabit today is fascinated with new trends and new things. Regardless, to say that the unique color and the rarity of a grey diamond have stimulated the interest of this generation, causing them to gain a huge amount of attention and popularity. Available in a variety of light to dark hues, greys are a very unique choice for an engagement ring or simple present for a loved one. 

Modern couples seek out experiences that are unique and personalized, while the beauty and value of a round cut diamond are timeless, it is also something that is more materialistic than unique. A grey diamond makes for a more thoughtful and personal gift or engagement ring, which not only keeps things under budget but also helps mold a one-of-a-kind, unique gift.

Diamonds develop a grey color when it interacts with hydrogen and boron during formation. The reason for the color intensity is owing to the final saturation of these elements in the stone. Grey diamonds are mainly found in India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and South Africa. There are mainly two kinds of Greys.

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Fancy Grey Diamonds

Naturally occurring Fancy Greys are extremely rare. Like traditional diamonds, a high clarity grade is preferred for greys as well. VVS is considered to be the highest quality. These specific kinds of diamonds are very good at hiding inclusions. Faint Grey, Very Light Grey, Light Grey, Fancy Light Grey, Fancy Grey, and Fancy Dark Grey are some of the hues that Fancy Greys are available in. 

Salt & Pepper Diamonds

These are the more popular and preferred variations of grey tones. Popularly referred to as ‘included greys’, ‘salt and pepper’, ‘ raw and rustic’, etc, they are known and loved for their unique inclusions. Diamonds, in general, are rated as good on the basis of how well they hide inclusions, Diamonds are formed below the earth, under extreme heat and pressure. On account of this process, all diamonds develop inclusions or birthmarks, which can also be looked at as imperfections. 

A good cut quality for premier diamonds ensures the reduction of these inclusions. Greys on the other hand have carved a reputation revolving around these very inclusions. Owing to the rarity of greys, the inclusions are looked upon as one of a kind and lend a unique character to every piece of stone. The name Salt & Pepper refers to diamonds with a high presence of Salt = White inclusions and Pepper = Black Inclusions. 

These beautiful inclusions give every diamond a personalized touch. The colors may vary from hazy to even creamy based on the degree of their translucency and are a very unique alternative to regular diamonds. People on occasions love to pair these imperfect greys with white diamonds to create a beautifully unique piece of jewelry. 

Are Greys Worth the Hype?

Being the new ‘in thing’ in the world of diamonds, one might easily mistake Greys to be very expensive. This is actually not the case yet. Owing to the current demand for these diamonds, they are actually fairly priced and even affordable because of the fact that their popularity is definitely soaring, however, they have not ridden past the charm and elegance of a round-cut white diamond. 

In fact, greys cost less than even pink diamonds for the time being. It is to be expected that their price in the future will rise because of their rarity and also their popularity. To be talking in terms of numbers, a one-carat grey would be between $2000 to $2500 irrespective of its cut or clarity. The highest cost of a grey goes up to $10000, at the most. This is considering 2-carat stones. A white diamond of the same weight would no doubt be much more expensive, especially if one is considering the cost of a premium, 2-carat round cut diamond. The price per carat of a grey is low, however, there would be an additional cost with regard to the setting.  

A white gold setting with your grey would effectively cost you $500  extra whereas going for a split shank setting or a halo embellishment would affect the price by an additional, $1500 to $2000. A lot of people prefer a custom setting. Melee diamonds are included in the design in certain cases. The ideal cut you would want on your grey would be a cushion cut or a round-cut, which is embellished with miniature diamonds on the setting to bring out the beauty of the centerpiece. In general, a platinum band or a white gold band is the most aesthetically pleasing you can have your diamond in. 

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What’s Unique About Gray Diamond Rings?

Grey diamonds have sort of a sober and elegant brilliance about them. They are diamonds so their brilliance and fire or in easy terms sparkle would definitely be brought into questioning. Greys are very good at hiding inclusions. The ability of a diamond to have a brilliant sparkle is dependent on the ability of the diamond to reflect the light that enters the diamond. Greys do not have the brilliance of a premium white round-cut, however, they are loved on account of the uniqueness of their flaws or inclusions. 

Regardless of that, they do have a characteristic sparkle about them that makes them unique and worth it. The history of the grey dates back to the 1600s, with regard to the Wittelsbach- Graff diamond. This beautiful fancy deep grey diamond was 35.5 carat. These specific diamonds have been seen to have a unique rawness and are considered secondary gradients against diamonds having cool blue tones deepened yellow tints. These diamonds adorn a bunch of color tones, from hazy to stormy grey hues. 

Are Grey Diamonds Really Popular? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Why would you buy a grey diamond?

The subtlety and uniqueness pertaining to grey diamonds are unparalleled, even when they are compared to premium white diamonds. Every single piece of these diamonds provides a personalized touch to the consumer, which is something greatly adored and appreciated. The inclusions on the diamond account for its sellability. The price of these diamonds also makes it easy on the pockets especially for couples who choose to buy similar or identical diamonds. Two grey diamonds on certain occasions account for the price of a single premium white diamond. 

You can easily experiment with princess cuts or round cuts, irrespective of your diamond’s carat weight. Surrounding your diamond with pave stones so as to make the grey undertone stick out is also a preferred setting. However, a rose cut is what is ideally recommended for these diamonds, as they have a flat bottom and an oversized surface area. Geometric shapes also bring out the brilliance of these unique diamonds. The surge in popularity of these diamonds is no surprise, their brilliance, exclusivity, and affordability make it a sure choice for young couples. 

The massive surge in popularity has lead to the use of grey diamonds in every kind of jewelry. The modern couple wants a bit of flair in their everyday life and grey diamonds add that signature touch to your daily fashion. From necklaces to daily earrings, grey diamonds are making their way beyond engagement rings. Owing to their rarity, A piece of grey diamond jewelry would be extremely rare and personalized just like a grey diamond engagement ring. It is the perfect addition to your collection. Every single piece of jewelry would be breathtaking with the addition of one of these stupendous diamonds. 

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