An Essential Guide To Picking A Tattoo Design And Where To Place It

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The art of using your own body as the canvas has been around for millennia. There have been archeological findings supporting the idea of early humans using natural ink and hand-made needles to tattoo themselves during ceremonial rituals or war endeavors. People have been enchanted by the idea of using their own skin as a long-lasting statement of personal thought and choice; therefore, many view tattoos as an art form before anything else. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, be sure to make the right choice, as it will stay with you for a long time and be a constant reminder always within your eyesight.

Its purpose

The first thing to consider is the purpose of the tattoo and its profound meaning. Avoid drunk night mistakes by tattooing the first thing that pops up in your head. Stay away from some generic and random designs, and be prepared to really look into the many patterns available. Make it about something meaningful, maybe a lost loved one, a moral principle, or an idea you hold on to. It can be something that serves as a reminder. People choose symbolic tattoos or dates often commemorating important events such as getting out of rehab, anniversary, birthdays, etc. Or you can go for starters with smaller tattoos, like initials of your parents, grandparents, yourself, your significant other, kids, and other important people in your life.

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What if you have a low pain tolerance

The place of the tattoo really depends on your particular interest or why you have chosen to get it. You can get it in some less visible parts like the stomach or upper part of your leg. The least painful part of the body does not exist, essentially. Or in other words, you’ll be stung by a needle at high velocity and speed several times per second, so it will hurt.

The real question is, which part of the body hurts the least. According to most, the back has a bigger surface and often fewer nerve endings, followed by the arms and legs. If you have a low tolerance for the pain, you can use numbing creams. This relatively new product has proven to be effective, so you might ask yourself, how does tattoo numbing cream work? The answer is simple, by reducing the stinging, burning, and scratching sensation during the whole procedure.

Basically, by putting it on, you are blocking your nerves to send pain signals to the brain and therefore have ensured a less painful tattoo procedure. Afterward, ointments and other creams are highly advised to regenerate the damaged skin, hydrate it and make sure the tattoo keeps its color. You should know that the reason tattoos fade away over decades is because the body is attacking the ink as a foreign body, reducing its effect on the skin. Once you have chosen a particular spot and design, apply some cream and be ready to get your marker for life.

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Which designs should you avoid for starters?

As someone getting their first tattoo ever, maybe avoid some of the most widespread designs often stigmatized and followed by a bad reputation. Avoid gang symbols, tears beneath the eye, tribunals, and tramp stamps. Avoid boyfriend/girlfriend names, and tattoos in foreign languages if you are not fluent in that particular language. People often go for Chinese or Japanese symbols and sayings without actually knowing their real meaning; therefore, avoid them if you are not 100% sure. You should also avoid any drug references, pop culture, offensive symbols, and other tattoos, which might make it hard to find a job later on in life.

Stay on the safe side, and make sure to make it not too visible, and keep it simple as it is the first one. Later if you find it suiting and start liking the look of tattoos, go for more daring ones.

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Places to avoid

Some of the most painful places to get tattooed even with numbing cream and ointments are the eyelids, the inner part of the lips, the ribs, the face, and basically all the body parts that have a high concentration of nerve endings and a thin skin.

Also, make sure to avoid tattoo studios and places that have not been rated. This can include improvised studios in someone’s living room and people working that do not have any certificated or acclaimed license to operate. Avoid places that look unsanitary as needle infections are dangerous and can lead to serious diseases. Avoid getting a tattoo by your friend or family member who bought a tattoo gun on eBay and wants to try it out.

Be wise because they will last you a long time. Find a design that has meaning, and you will be happy with it for life. It should also look aesthetically pleasing.

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