Discover A New Eye Color with Colored Contacts

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With hundreds of fashionable colored contacts available in today’s market, you can be spoiled for choice, so why not be super specific when choosing your next pair of colored contacts? They could be the missing feature that pulls together your entire outfit!

Delve even deeper into colored contact lenses to see the different natural shades you can add to your next look.


  • Baby Blue Contact Lenses: The most classic of blue eye colors, baby blue lenses offer that sweet doll-like vibe to your eyes.
  • Ice Blue Contact Lenses: This light blue shade of colored contacts features a cool-toned blue that is super light yet still vibrant.
  • Sea Blue Contact Lenses: Ocean-colored contacts usually have a dark blue color that is rich in detail. Sea contact lenses should give your eyes that extra sparkle as if you were looking into the depths of tropical waters.
  • Aqua Contact Lenses: Aqua is another shade of light-colored contacts. Since this is one of the most popular looks, there are many styles available in light blue shades for enhancing your natural blue eye color or completely transforming your iris.
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  • Dark Green Contact Lenses: Green is one of the rarest eye colors, so why not use green-colored contacts to create your own dark-green eye color?
  • Light Green Contact Lenses: Whether you are enhancing your green eyes or completely changing your eye color, light green contact lenses are a vibrant and eye-catching choice.
  • Emerald Green Contact Lenses: With a gorgeous color like the gemstone, emerald-colored contacts vary in shade from vibrant greens to blended green and blue hues.
  • Turquoise Contact Lenses: Turquoise bridges the gap between blue and green contact lenses. Turquoise is not a color that is naturally found in human eyes, so this beautiful shade is a stunning way to enhance your natural iris.
Closeup Brown Contact Lenses
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  • Chocolate Contact Lenses: Dark brown eyes are full of depth and beauty, so a chocolate tone is a perfect way to simulate this shade in a realistic design.
  • Hazel Contact Lenses: Hazel is a blend of brown and green. While the dominant color is brown, the flecks of green give an interesting look to hazel contact lenses.
  • Honey Contact Lenses: Add a golden tint to your iris with honey contact lenses. This color may be unusual in nature, but it looks absolutely breathtaking as color-changing contact lenses.
  • Light Brown Contact Lenses: Many of the lighter shades of brown contact lenses are a popular choice for those wanting to lighten their brown eye color to add definition to the iris.


    • Steel Contact Lenses: The fresh and feisty shade of steel gray is a popular choice for transforming your eyes into satisfying attention-grabbing gray.
    • Dark Gray Contact Lenses: Designed with detail and realism in mind, dark gray lenses are a gorgeous window to the soul that can add interest to your next outfit or makeup.
    • Light Gray Contact Lenses: If you want to make sure your new eye color gets noticed, then light gray is a color that is hard to ignore. The bright and fresh vibe of this cool-toned color is impressive and powerful.
    • Silver Contact Lenses: Add some magic and mystery to your eye color with the dazzling effects of silver contact lenses – a mystical upgrade to standard gray contact lenses.
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Bonus Colors:

Some natural colored contacts are designed using colors that you wouldn’t usually find in humans. The natural colored contacts are cleverly designed with realistic features such as color flecks and dark limbal rings to simulate the look of a human iris, creating unique contact lenses.

  • Purple Contact Lenses: Ranging from light violet to dark purple, these shades are a fun fashion choice and are sure to pull together all kinds of aesthetic outfits.
  • Pink Contact Lenses: Pink contact lenses are perfect for those inspired by anime and street fashion to create adorable kawaii eye colors.
  • Orange Contact Lenses: While you may be instantly picturing the pumpkin orange designs of Halloween lenses, natural orange contact lenses are subtle and often blended with shades such as brown for a warm autumnal vibe.
  • Black Contact Lenses: Hear us out on this one! Black contact lenses are often reserved for spooky Halloween styles, but you can purchase styles such as circle lenses and enhancing lenses in black that blend with your natural eye color to add definition to your iris.

All of these colors are available from, where you can purchase FDA Approved natural and costume colored contact lenses. Choose from 100s of shades as well as select the duration and prescription-strength (also available in non-prescription).

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