Copper Hair Color Guide: From Subtle to Bold Shades

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Updated April 16, 2024

Copper Hair Color
Explore the depths of copper hair color.

For a hair change that is bold yet subtly warm, copper hair color is the ideal shade. As a member of the red hair family, it’s celebrated for its vividness and radiant appeal.

Copper hair color is a warm shade blending red, brown, bronze, and orange tones, akin to the lustrous gleam of a fresh penny.

Whether you prefer the gentle glow of apricot hues or the boldness of deep russet tones, copper hair could be the radiant transformation you need. With light and dark variations, this shade complements every skin tone.

Copper Hair Color Ideas

Auburn Copper

Auburn Copper
Auburn Copper brings a fiery intensity to your look, merging romantic hues with a vibrant twist for a standout style. Photo:

For a warm and intense tone, look no further than Rich Auburn Copper. The undertones add depth and dimension to each strand.

This luxurious shade merges the bright copper tones with the romantic hues of auburn, resulting in a stunningly deep and captivating color.

Orange Copper

Orange Copper Hair
Dive into the vividness of Orange Copper and make a bold statement with a color. Photo:

For a vivid and striking shade, Orange Copper is the perfect choice. This hair color exhibits a strong and vivid color that stands out.

If you are looking to make an impact, this shade merges the inviting warmth of copper with the zestful intensity of orange for a powerful look.

Light Copper

Light Copper Hair Julia Roberts
Embrace the subtlety of Light Copper for a soft, natural glow that enhances your strands like Julia Roberts. Photo: Jaguar PS /

Light Copper offers a more subtle and muted color that gently reflects light. This hair color is suitable for those seeking a subtle change from a natural brunette. Celebrities with red hair, like Julia Roberts, rock this shade since it gives a clean and simple look.

Red Copper

Red Copper Hair
Channel vibrant energy with Red Copper, a dynamic blend that brings hair to life with fiery hues. Photo:

Red Copper is a hair color that bursts with life and energy. This shade suits individuals looking for a bold, vibrant look. Copper strands highlight medium red tones for a one-of-a-kind look.

To preserve this fiery hue, use products formulated for colored hair and schedule regular touch-ups to manage root growth and color fade.

Brown Copper

Brown Copper Hair
Opt for Brown Copper for a rich, understated elegance that adds a touch of warmth. Photo:

Want a deeper and more natural shade? Brown Copper is ideal for those desiring a subtle hint of color with a natural appeal. This brown hair color mixed with red is versatile and flattering for various skin tones.

To keep this chestnut color looking fresh, avoid overwashing your hair to prevent stripping the color.

Cowboy Copper

Cowboy Copper Hair
Get inspired by the rustic charm of Cowboy Copper, a shade that captures the essence of the wild west. Photo:

Cowboy Copper hair has been a trendy hue on social media, and for good reason. Known for its warm, earthy tones that blend seamlessly into a natural base, the shade looks like a Western landscape. It brings fashion and beauty trends together perfectly.

This color might be achieved through a mix of hand-painted balayage and subtle highlights, creating a sun-kissed, multidimensional effect.

Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Copper
Strawberry Blonde offers a balance of warmth and brightness, perfect for a light, refreshing change. Photo: Chukwuemeka Odo / Unsplash

Strawberry Blonde stands out as a light shade of copper thanks to its soft, warm undertones and radiant light-reflecting highlights. The color boasts a luxurious depth, with darker roots providing contrast to the reddish copper tones.

Toasted Ginger

Toasted Ginger Hair
Make a statement with Toasted Ginger, a shade that combines earthy depth with a spark of brightness, like Sophie Turner. Photo: Tinseltown /

A vibrant Toasted Ginger color combines deep, earthy reds with lighter, more vibrant streaks, creating a dynamic and richly textured appearance. The waves in the hair help to highlight the multifaceted color, making it stand out beautifully.

Dark Copper

Dark Copper Hair
Explore the depths of Dark Copper, offering a rich twist to your hair color palette. Photo:

Dark Copper stands out thanks to its dark undertones that give the hair an air of mystery and depth. This darker copper is achieved through an ombre effect and a rich base color, contrasting against lighter skin tones.

For those with this hair color, sulfate-free products and occasional deep conditioning treatments can help maintain the color’s intensity and shine.

Cinnamon Red

Cinnamon Copper Hair
Cinnamon Red is the ultimate luxury, wrapping your locks in rich, spicy tones. Photo:

Embrace luxury with a rich Cinnamon Red shade, showcasing a seamless blend from a darker, more intense base to lighter, vibrant ends. This sleek and smooth style emphasizes cinnamon’s warm, spicy tones.

Blonde Copper

Blonde Copper
Blonde Copper is the perfect blend of sunny highlights and rich undertones. Photo:

For a touch of gold, try out Blonde Copper, which combines the light, sun-kissed allure of blonde with the warm, rich tones of copper.

The hair transitions smoothly from a deeper, more subdued base at the roots, melting into a vibrant cascade of luminous, coppery highlights towards the ends.

This multifaceted color is achieved through a skilled mix of coloring techniques, like balayage, enhancing the hair’s natural movement and texture.


Apricot Hair
Choose Apricot for a whimsical vibe that marries ginger and copper tones. Photo:

On the medium end of the spectrum, an Apricot hue is another way to have a vibrant hair transformation. With a peach-like luminosity, it’s the right mix of ginger and copper hues.

Whether styled straight or with waves, apricot hair adds a soft, romantic flair to your overall look, making it a fantastic choice for a refreshing change.

Tips for Maintenance

Woman Copper Hair
Keep your copper locks radiant with care tips that ensure your color stays vivid. Photo:

Committing to copper hair color means engaging in a routine that keeps the vibrant shades as fresh as when you first left the salon. Here are some tips to keep your copper locks captivating.

Retaining the Radiance

Regular maintenance is crucial to preserve the bright luster of your copper hair. Factors like sun exposure, washing frequency, and the types of products you use significantly affect your color’s lifespan.

Adopting the right care strategies protects your hair from fading and maintains its vividness for longer periods.

Timing Touch-Ups to Perfection

Copper Hair Maintenance
Master the art of timing your touch-ups so it doesn’t lose its lustrous shine. Photo: Wesley Tingey / Unsplash

The vibrancy of your hair may diminish over time, especially at the roots, due to new growth. The need for touch-ups can vary, but they are typically necessary every 4-6 weeks.

Keeping an eye on your root regrowth will allow you to time your salon appointments perfectly to preserve the rich, even color of your hair.

The Crucial Role of Color-Safe Hair Care

To extend the life of your copper color, use hair care products designed specifically for colored hair.

These products help lock in the dye, reduce fading, and maintain hair health. Opt for sulfate-free formulas with UV protection to give your copper hair the best care possible.

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