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Zoo Finest from Zoo Magazine on Vimeo.

Zoo Magazine and team up for Zoo Finest, a mini store featuring cutting-edge selections from four must-watch designers. Highlighting Netherlands’ Anne de Grijff and three German brands including Kaviar Gauche, Issever Bahri and Hien Le; the collection will be avaible worldwide on by the end of this month. Celebrating the launch, director Bill Tanaka and creative director Sandor Lubbe created this darkly beautiful video starring Nora Ponse.

 2011, video, Zoo

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3 Responses to “Film | Zoo Finest”

  1. Whatever else can be said about the vid there is altogether too much smoking. It is not “romantic”, it does not add to the video and with all the natural settings it is simply off-putting. As for 25 secs of titles at the end, for me that destroys any credibility that may have remained that the makers understand their audience.

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