Sasha Pivovarova Stuns in Zara Makeup’s Bold & Daring Looks

Joanna Elizabeth


Published March 10, 2023

Zara Makeup Spring 2023 Trends
Sasha Pivovarova poses in Zara Makeup spring 2023 editorial. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

Zara features Sasha Pivovarova in a spring 2023 story highlighting beauty and fashion. Photographed by Carlijn Jacobs against a picturesque beach backdrop, the photoshoot showcases a dazzling array of tailored suiting, lightweight outerwear, and stylish blazers that effortlessly capture the essence of the season.

Zara Makeup Spring 2023 Lookbook

Sasha Pivovarova Zara Makeup 2023
Sasha Pivovarova models blue eyeshadow in Zara Makeup spring 2023 editorial. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

The striking wardrobe is effortlessly spotlighted by the stunning Zara Makeup spring 2023 line that delivers bold and daring looks. From the sultry and smoky blue eyeshadow of the 1980s to the fiery orange lipstick artfully applied by the acclaimed makeup artist Sam Visser, Sasha’s unique beauty radiates in every shot.

Zara Face Veil Makeup
Zara Round Earrings. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

The dynamic fashion styling of Imruh Asha, coupled with the exceptional hair artistry of Mustafa Yanaz, breathes a new life into the classic bob look, creating an impeccable retro-inspired coif that genuinely enhances the entire fashion story.

Zara Eye Makeup 2023
Channeling retro style, Sasha Pivovarova wears a sleek bob with smokey eye makeup for Zara. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

When it comes to more spring styles from the Spanish fashion brand, Anja Rubik modeled minimal outfits earlier this year. Sasha Pivovarova impresses with these Zara looks and recently made the news with her Balmain spring 2023 advertisements.

Sasha Pivovarova Zara Beach Photoshoot
Posing in the sand, Sasha Pivovarova wears dramatic Zara Makeup trends. Photo: Carlijn Jacobs

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