Top 10 Ring Shapes & Cuts: Ultimate Guide

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There are many different ring shapes and cuts to choose from when shopping for rings. The most popular choices include round, princess, emerald, marquise, and oval. Here is a closer look at the top 10 ring shapes and cuts, along with some tips on how to choose the best one for you:

1. Round

Round rings are by far the most popular shape. They are classic and timeless, and they work well with any outfit. If you want a ring that will never go out of style, the round is the way to go. You can find round rings in various metals, including gold, silver, and platinum.

2. Princess

Princess-cut rings are trendy for engagement and best friend rings. They are often set with a square or rectangular diamond in the center. It is a good choice for those who want a square or rectangular-shaped diamond but don’t want to pay the premium price for a fancy cut such as the emerald or Asscher.

Marquise Ring
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3. Marquise

Marquise-cut rings are Navette-shaped with tapered ends and usually have 58 facets. The Marquise is named after the Marquise de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV of France who supposedly had this ring style made to resemble her own long, narrow eyes. The marquise-cut diamond is often used in engagement rings because it creates the illusion of a larger stone. Also, you can use it as gift jewelry for your daughter.

4. Emerald

Emerald-cut rings are characterized by their rectangular shape and facets that resemble steps. This unique cut can make even a small diamond look larger than it is. Emerald-cut rings are perfect for those who want something different from the traditional round or princess cut.

5. Oval

The oval cut is a tweaked version of the round brilliant cut and usually has 57 facets. It is elongated like the marquise but has a more rounded shape. Oval-cut diamonds are a good choice for those who want the look of a round diamond but don’t want to pay a great price.

Pear Ring
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6. Pear

The pear-shaped diamond is a teardrop-shaped stone with 58 facets. It is also known as the tear-drop diamond. The pear shape is a popular choice for engagement and cocktail rings.

7. Baguette

The Baguette is a rectangular-shaped diamond most often seen in eternity bands or accents on other rings. This cut can make the diamond appear larger than it is and give the illusion of a more extended, thinner finger.

8. Bezel

A bezel setting is when the metal rim around the diamond extends slightly above the stone, giving it a “flush” look. Bezel settings are often used for engagement rings because they help to protect the diamond from being chipped or scratched.

Heart Ring
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9. Heart

A heart-shaped diamond is a great way to show your loved one how much you care. This shape is also said to bring good luck to the wearer. The cut makes the wearer’s finger look longer and slender.

10. Rose

A rose-cut diamond is a stone that has been cut into a dome shape with facets around the edge. It is a more vintage-cut style and is often seen in antique rings. The rose cut is said to make the diamond appear larger than it is.


When choosing a ring shape or cut, it is essential to consider your style and the type of metal you prefer. It would be best to keep in mind that specific shapes may be more expensive than others. The best way to choose a ring shape or cut is to try various styles and see which looks best. Also, check out the enamel spinner rings from StoryJewellery if you’re a fidgeting enthusiast. 

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