Tips to Look Chic in the Rain

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When the rainy monsoon season hits, it gets hot and then rains later. When it’s rainy, you need an umbrella for cover, and it can also be a fashion statement. For some people, umbrellas are not the best solution. If you can’t fit it in your bag, you need to have something fashionable like a raincoat. If you’re a lady with an eye for fashion and still want to protect yourself from the rain, get a womens raincoat because it’s what you need.

Wear Cotton Clothes

Cotton is a good choice for rain storms because they are light and breathable. Women are choosing cotton to stay stylish and relaxed. An increase in humidity makes one slip into vests to beat the heat. It is a short fix because, after the heat, rain follows. The season calls for natural textures such as cotton, and some women’s raincoats are made of cotton. Cotton clothes are cozy and cool even when it’s hot and humid. Avoid clothes made of denim or silk because they take time to dry up, and they might get ruined. Pick cotton fabrics because they will dry more quickly.

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Chic Dress

A chic dress is breezy and cool because it gives you the ultimate comfort and makes you feel the breeze. This can easily be layered with a coat or sweater once the rain starts. The spaghetti dress can never go wrong with a pair of boots. The dress is simple, and you can wear it with anything.

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Have the appropriate footwear

Every season has its worries regarding footwear, and the rainy monsoon season shouldn’t be left out. It is a hot season coupled with rains, so expect to encounter mud and lots of water. Mud and water can easily damage your footwear, so make a stylish and practical purchase for the season. Sneakers, clogs, and rainboots are perfect for the rainy season. Crocs are also a good choice for men and women when it is rainy. Crocs are made from a unique resin foam material that will resonate with your style and offers robustness to your footwear. Avoid wearing leather because it might spoil due to the humidity.

Don’t forget Shorts

It’s time to count on your shorts even though it’s a rainy season. It will be a wet season with lots of puddles to skip through, and your summer shorts will come in handy during the monsoon season. Shorts on or above your knee are ideal because you will look stylish in anything, and you will be comfortable, and it’s a good thing shorts look great on both men and women. Just make sure to wear with a raincoat.

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Avoid Light Colors

The rains can spoil your dress with mud, even if you are keen on your laundry. You need bright colors such as olive green, orange, yellow, and red in your closet. Light colors become transparent after getting wet, and that’s your cue to avoid light colors, and you should wear dark or bright colors.

Have a Variety of Accessories

Accessories are an important part of your wardrobe. Hats, jewelry, and bags can add style to your look. It is a bright and vibrant season, so you should accessorize and complement your clothes with some jewelry. It’s a season of love and romance, and some shiny neckpieces will get you in the mood. Long tops are suitable for the rainy season and can easily be layered depending on your preference.

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