Ways to Make Your Ring Look Bigger

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There is no one-size-fits-all when choosing a ring. While some people love their engagement ring to look subtle, drawing little attention, others prefer it large and glistening. 

Even though it is best to go for what you want, you must ensure it remains elegant and comfortable despite being sizable.  

Different factors contribute to a ring looking big and sparkling. Here are some interesting hints to help you choose a style to make your ring look bigger.

Pay Attention to the Cut

As insignificant as the cut might seem in making a ring, it determines the overall appearance of the ring, including how big it looks.  

A common belief is that increasing its carat weight is the only way to create a bigger appearance for a diamond. Hence, many people ignore other aspects of production and get a ring different from their expectations. 

Based on the angles and facets cut into the diamond, the cut influences how well the stone will reflect light. The diamond will appear more prominent, reflect more light with a better cut, and be beautiful and brilliant. 

The Gemological Institute of America grades a diamond cut from fair to excellent. An excellent cut ensures all other factors like carat weight are also suitable. The carat weight will be what it should be, enhancing the stone’s visual dimension.

Reduce Distractions

Make Your Ring Look Bigger
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As ironic as it sounds, being minimalist is an excellent way to have a large, sparkling ring. Reducing distracting elements is one of the simplest ways to make your diamond appear larger.

By choosing a more simple setting with a thin band and a few prongs, you can contrast the size of the primary diamond.

Avoiding colored diamonds and choosing a platinum or white gold band are other easy and efficient ways to highlight your diamond’s natural brightness. This is because white metals and diamonds will maximize your ring’s ability to reflect white light, which can significantly increase its brilliance.

Buy a Lab Created Diamond

Have you ever had the desire to own a two or larger-carat diamond? Then it would be best if you thought about a lab-created diamond.

In addition to being physically, chemically, and optically similar to diamonds mined from the ground, lab-grown diamonds are also less expensive. There is scarcely any difference visible to the unaided eye.

Affordable women’s and men’s wedding rings are popular because customers prefer a substitute with larger stones for less money(according to Forbes). Compared to a natural diamond of the same size, color, and clarity, lab-created rings will cost 30–40% less.

Go for a White Diamond

The diamond will stand out if you choose a pure white metal like platinum or white gold. It is so because the diamond appears larger since the metal’s color functions as a mirror, reflecting the diamond’s colorlessness.

In addition, since platinum matches the color of the diamond, platinum prongs can make a diamond appear more prominent. Yet, there’s no need to worry if you’re still set on getting a rose or yellow gold ring.

You can choose any metal color you like while selecting white gold or platinum prongs. As a result, the diamond will be able to reflect the lighter metals, enlarging the rock.

Choose a Suitable Shape

A diamond’s shape can also influence how big it seems. There are different beautiful designs and cuts to choose from. Round, pear, emerald, trillion cuts, marquise, and oval are just a few of the many shapes diamonds can cut into. 

The distribution of mass varies depending on the diamond shape. Specific diamond shapes appear to be significantly larger per carat because they have a larger volume.

Round diamonds appear larger per their carat weight than many other cuts due to their shape. Since the circular incision is not as deep, the weight is more clearly visible in the appearance of the object’s size.

Oval rings are lengthy and take up a lot of space on your ring finger, making them appear larger. 

The oblong form of a marquise or an emerald also gives the impression that the stone is more extensive. These three cuts all appear bigger than their actual carat weights.

All diamond shapes have their benefits and drawbacks. Still, you want a diamond that makes a sizeable visual statement. In that case, avoid Asscher or cushion cuts because more of the weight of these deeper cuts is below the surface, making them appear smaller.

Go for a Slim or Bright Band

To enhance the diamond’s appearance, choosing an engagement ring with a narrower band is advisable, as a broader band can make the diamond appear smaller. On the other hand, the diamond will appear bigger and more striking the narrower the band is. A slim band makes your diamond appear larger while letting its brilliance take center stage.

A bright white metal band makes any stone appear more significant like adding more mirrors will make a tiny house seem larger.

The 18k white gold is among the most brilliant and precious metals for an engagement ring. The ring will have a thin layer of “rhodium,” a tough substance that is exceptionally white and lustrous, preventing the gold from being cut or scratched.

Add a Halo Setting

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There is a good reason why halo ring styles have become so popular. An excellent way to make your engagement ring appear larger than it is without spending extra money on the central diamond is to get a diamond band with a halo setting.

Choosing a halo setting can also give the impression that a diamond is larger because it increases its diameter and improves its brightness.

The central diamond appears considerably larger due to the surrounding ring of diamonds. In most situations, it enhances the appearance of your center stone by at least a half-carat. Select a halo with larger diamonds or two halos for twice the impact!

Go for a Cluster Setting

The sole difference between a cluster setting and a halo setting is that a cluster set only consists of multiple smaller diamonds gathered together.

You will pay less in this case as well if the total carat weight is distributed across several diamonds as opposed to being contained entirely in one.

The cluster setting can give the impression that there is just one diamond when viewed from a distance, giving you the look of a single diamond without paying the higher price.

Less is More

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Fewer prongs allow you to see more of the diamond, giving the impression that it is bigger. The setting obscures less of the diamond, letting more light penetrate and enhancing the brilliance.

Six-prong settings were standard in many rings in the past, but they tend to overwhelm the diamond and are now being replaced with a simpler four-pronged setting. Not only does it have a cleaner, more contemporary appearance, but it also makes the diamond the center of attention.

Keep Your Ring Clean Always

Your ring shines and sparkles more the cleaner it is. As a result, the larger it appears. Diamonds lose their glitter due to accumulating oil and grime over time. Hence, polish your engagement ring frequently to keep it looking good.

Every six months, you can also get it professionally cleaned. Use warm water, soap, or a soft toothbrush to clean at home.

Final Words

If you want to make your ring look bigger, it’s essential to pay attention to factors such as the cut, shape, and color of the gemstone rather than solely focusing on the size of the ring. Don’t compromise on your preferences, and follow a careful selection process to find the ring that fulfills your desires.

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