How to Help Your Boyfriend with His Grooming Habits

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Is your boyfriend not so keen on taking care of his personal hygiene? Personal hygiene is quite essential when it comes to living a healthy life and looking good. There are many unique hygiene products on the market for women, but some men struggle to find the proper routine. Not taking care of yourself can cause all kinds of skin problems, such as acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. And while you want to look your best, you probably want your man to look his best too, right?

Besides skin problems, men that don’t groom themselves with clean and sharp razors, such as those from Merkur Razor, can also suffer from dandruff or other issues with their facial hair. Fortunately, one can easily handle these problems by applying the proper personal hygiene routine. Find out in this article how to help your boyfriend with his grooming habits and make him look fresh and well taken care of. 

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Well-groomed Facial & Body Hair

Grooming his hair is probably one of the most important habits that a man should have. Well-shaped and clean hair makes a man look attractive and will surely boost his confidence. Does your man not groom his hair well? Apply the following tips, and he’ll look fresh and clean in no time.

The most crucial thing while shaving is to use a clean and sharp razor blade, such as those from Merkur Razor. Merkur Razor is a German brand that has existed for over 125 years. During those years, they have perfected the art of close shaving. There are many kinds of Merkur razor blades and handles, so there should be one perfectly fitted for your boyfriend’s face. A sharp and clean razor prevents cuts and bumps and keeps the skin clean from bacteria found on used razor blades. 

It is vital to trim facial hair, including the mustache, beard, and sideburns, but also to take care of hair in the nose, neck, shoulders, and back, and in private areas. Untrimmed hair can get oily and even smelly and cause many skin problems. Your man can take care of facial hair by using a razor blade, whereas bodily hair is best trimmed through a trimmer machine. Spreading the shaving foam or gel over the face should be done with a clean shaving brush and not with fingers because they contain skin-clogging oils. 

Hair Care for Clean & Shiny Hair

A man’s hair is usually his pride, so why not take good care of this part of the body as well? Most men use an all-in-one shampoo, which generally causes build-up. Build-up is often mistaken for dandruff, causing men to start using harmful dandruff shampoos with harsh chemicals that dry and damage the hair.

Instead, men should use less shampoo and more conditioner and rinse their hair well. If your man thinks he’s suffering from dandruff, try using a shampoo without silicones. If his hair does not clear up after that, it is time to get a haircut and ask his hairdresser for advice on how to care for his specific type of hair. Curly hair needs different care than straight hair. 

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The Difference Between Skincare for Men & Women

Women tend to take much more care of their skin than men. This is unfortunate because male skin needs just as much care as female skin. You might have tried convincing your boyfriend to try your moisturizer or wear some sunscreen, but this is only sometimes a good idea. The main problem is that men’s skin is much different and more complicated to take care of than women’s skin. 

Men’s skin is usually more sebaceous and has more hair follicles than female skin. This higher density of hair follicles is necessary to grow facial hair. If your man has facial hair, he needs products with a higher density. Light products get lost in the hair and don’t reach the skin, as well as thicker products do. 

Because facial hair tends to soak up oil and dirt, men regularly experience oily skin around the areas of the face where they have more hair. Products with a higher concentration of active ingredients and gel-based products are usually more suitable for men but might be too harsh for some women’s skin types.

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A Basic Skincare Routine for Men

Most men might just wash their face with ordinary soap and water, but this is typically not the right type of skincare for men. Regular soap bars are made to remove fat and dirt from the hands and the body, removing all the essential oils that the skin produces itself. 

These oils hydrate the skin and keep it subtle and smooth. Ordinary soap will strip the oil from the skin, causing the skin to produce more oil to dehydrate, which could clog pores and cause breakouts. Besides, soap bars are commonly comedogenic, which means that they cause blackheads as well. 

A better way to clean the skin is to find a cleanser specifically designed for the male skin. These products are usually made with a light formula that removes dirt but leaves just enough oil. Lightweight products can also be applied to the beard. It is extra essential to clean the beard well every morning and evening, as this is the area where most dirt sticks to the skin. 

A light, gel-based moisturizer keeps the skin nurtured and helps to prevent dry spots and breakouts. Finally, your man should wear sunscreen daily to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and to avoid hyper-pigmentation, wrinkling, and even serious diseases such as skin cancer. 

Use a Good Razor

Every time your man shaves his facial hair, it is essential to use a fresh and sharp razor blade. Brands like Merkur have many kinds of blades and handles available, so there should be one suitable for his wishes. After shaving, let him use an aftershave, as well as a lightweight moisturizer, to take extra care of the skin that is usually covered in hair. His skin will be radiant and clean, which should help if he has acne-prone skin.

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