How to Choose the Right Diamond Earrings for Your Partner

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Choosing earrings for your partner is not an easy task, even for a professional. Earrings favorably emphasize the grace of the neck — they are combined with the wearer’s clothes, giving them a unique, one-in-a-million look! So, when you choose an earring, consider not only the objective parameters but also the personal tastes of your partner.

This article will highlight the main objective criteria for choosing diamond earrings. As to personal tastes, we’ll leave you to figure them out yourself. It is a delicate matter, not amenable to analysis. However, what is crystal clear is that good jewelry is an indispensable component of a great outfit.

Objective Factors

Almost nobody can say no to shining diamonds; they are appreciated by women and men alike. As the unforgettable Marilyn Monroe said, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It is hard to argue with this — it’s hard to dislike diamonds. They are the universal gemstones.

It can be pleasing to select diamond earrings — sometimes, jewelers create stunning masterpieces. The price is also very important since not everyone can afford expensive jewelry. Some exclusive designer jewelry pieces cost as much as a good apartment. If you want good non-expensive earrings, you might want to buy Moissanite earrings or earrings from other affordable brands.

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Here are the objective factors affecting the pricing and appearance of jewelry pieces:

  • Weight. The weight of a stone is expressed in carats (the equivalent of 0.2 grams). One-carat diamond will cost considerably more than two half-carat ones.
  • Artificiality. Some diamonds are synthetic, and some are natural. Synthetic diamonds are artificially grown minerals with qualities similar to those of natural ones. The most popular are finite and moissanite, indistinguishable from their natural counterparts visually and by their properties. Earrings with them look no less stylish than jewelry pieces with natural diamonds, but the cost is more affordable.
  • Color, clarity, and transparency. Especially valuable are the stones that are clear and pure. Every flaw decreases the price. Some shades, such as brown and yellowish, make diamonds cheaper, while some, such as blue and red, make them more expensive.
  • Setting. Natural diamonds are usually set in colored gold in different shades, such as yellow, pink, red, and even green or platinum. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds may be combined with more economical silver.
  • Design. “Design” refers to both the type and quality of stones and the overall shape of the earrings. As for designer jewelry, it is, by definition, more expensive than mass-produced.
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When it comes to choosing good diamond earrings, you should visit a reputable jewelry store, where there is no risk of running into a blatant fake offered at the price of natural diamonds.

Diamond earrings, in most cases, are exclusive evening jewelry to be combined with an appropriate outfit. It is considered bad taste to wear them during the daytime. The exceptions are poussettes, chains, prongs, and small earrings with a single stone in an English or French key. But when going to a restaurant, a theater, or a party, one shouldn’t be shy to wear luxurious chandeliers, drops, bulky rings, or semi-rings studded with a scattering of diamonds.


It is somewhat challenging to choose earrings as a gift for your partner without their presence. So, it’s better to visit a jewelry store together. This is more pragmatic because the element of surprise and even adventure will be lost — but at least there won’t be a dizzying surprise!

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