How to Choose the Right Perfume 

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To wear perfume is a real art! Perfumes help men and women to enhance their beauty and even attract a special one. They are the source of inspiration, intrigue, and romance. There are myriads of perfumes available on the international market today both online & offline. New brands, designer lines, Asian exotics, ancient mixes, homemade aromas… How to choose perfect perfume? What will be the best option for your unique style and charming personality? Welcome to the journey into the world of fragrances and its magic and make the right choice with us.

Keep in mind notes

Never make a conclusion from the first spray, because scent is developing and you should experience brighter fragrance after the first “encounter”. Especially when you choose women’s perfume, spray the liquid and indulge in so-called ‘top notes’ that fade in 15 minutes. Then they will be followed by the heart notes. Finally, after drying you will get the essence – longer-lasting base notes.

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Consider concentration

Experts claim that fragrances have four grades of concentration. With a higher concentration, the price of perfume typically gets higher. Besides, if perfumes have higher concentration, their scent is more powerful and lasts longer. They can be a bit pricey, but for real admirers the higher price is completely worth it. Here are the levels of perfume:

Perfume or ‘parfum’ – the strongest one, will last the whole day.

Eau de parfum – less powerful one, can last up to six hours.

Eau de toilette – popular mass market option; requires several applications per day.

Eau de cologne – the lowest fragrance concentration, lasts up to two hours.

The first category is obviously pricy & luxury choice; the last is the cheapest one. 

Spin the ‘Fragrance Wheel’

Your scent preferences definitely say something about your personality. Google the Fragrance Wheel by Michael Edwards. He defines four families of scents as follows: floral, oriental, fresh, and woody. Do you like fresh flowers fragrances like jasmine, rose or lily? Or maybe sandalwood and vanilla appeal to you? Are you so sporty to choose bergamot or orange to wear every day? And if you find yourself among lavender lovers then it means that you are reserved and curious. Or vice versa: if you are reserved and very curious you will definitely like fragrance resembling lavender fields.  With this useful info you may even make your own perfume following DIY advice which will reflect your special inner world.

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Better test    

Doing several simple tests is one of the best ways to choose what perfume you wear each day. The common practice now is to go online. But in this very case it’s better to visit an offline store before purchasing. Start from a sniff test of the flacon if possible. Try a bit of fragrance on your wtists, neck, and inner elbows. Most beauty shops or specialized departments offer sticks for spraying. You may try two bottles and put the sticks in separate pockets.  Wait a full day and then choose that one which really appeals to you. Maybe this famous quotation of a star couture and then owner of perfume brand Yves Saint Laurent will help: “Continue to smell the fragrances as you move about.”

Listen to your body chemistry                  

Typical situation: several years ago you hated a certain perfume. However, now you wear it and like it very much. Or you have noticed that your favorite fragrance seems to be stronger on some days than on others. The answer is simple: it’s all about body chemistry, your unique body reaction on a fragrance. It alters the way perfume smell. Find the list of your body characteristics which are important to choose your own perfume.

Skin type. The oilier your skin type is, the longer the scent will last.

PH level. If your skin’s pH is very basic, it’s not very good for the scent absorption. Moisturize your body to help perfume work longer.

Temperature. Have you ever noticed that on warm days your perfume smell more intense? The same applies when you are very active like “boiling”. Higher temperature of your body or outside contributes to more intensive fragrance.

You may like a particular scent on your friend but never choose it for yourself. So don’t buy a certain brand just because of your friend’s recommendation. Rely on your body reaction instead of another person’s nose. 

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