Eco-Friendly Clothing: All You Need to Know

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The Race To Becoming Eco-Friendly, Has Become More Competent

No industry today can boast its production without being held responsible for the environmental damage it is causing. This is why every industry is spending lots of money to make their process more eco-friendly. As consumers become more aware of the environmental damage done, they are opting for products that are more eco-friendly.

One such industry that brings havoc of environmental damage through extensive production is the fashion industry. Fast fashion is a booming industry wherein unethical means of production of clothes are used. Unfair wage programs, chemical dumping into freshwater resources, excessive use of energy, and so on are all the evils of fast fashion producers. For this very reason, many fashion industries have been exposed as unethical and immoral. This has given rise to the fashion industry that provides eco-friendly clothing. 

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How To Know If A Brand Is Eco-Friendly

Millennials have spoken their word and they stand strong against any unethical practice, be it mining diamonds or producing clothing that harms the environment and deprives workers of their basic human rights. If you are a frequent shopper, you can opt to look for fashion brands like Blonde Gone Rogue that provide eco-friendly clothing. Check the product labels and website descriptions to make sure you know what you are buying is organic. Some eco-friendly brands also have a seal of green certification. You can also check reviews online to see what like-minded people have to say about the brand. The internet can be a great source of help when you want to research the authenticity of a brand. 

Also, don’t be shy to check with the brand itself and ask them the process and method of their production of clothes. If they follow what they state they do, they should have no problems in answering your queries. If they try to avoid the topic or beat around the bush, then it is definitely a red flag.

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What Steps You Can Take To Support Eco-Friendly Clothing

First, start with buying less. Impulse buying can bring contentment for a while but eventually, you will feel the need to go shopping again. Invest in eco-friendly and sustainable clothes. These clothes are generally of very good quality and that makes them durable. This further will give you more options to use when you are done wearing. They can be reused, donated, or even resold easily. 

Support local shops that are eco-friendly by buying from them and letting your friends know about them too. Switch to more recyclable materials instead of plastic. If you like a certain brand that is not eco-friendly, then you should speak to them and challenge them to produce the same fashion wear in an eco-friendly way. Levis, a famous brand, moved to eco-friendly production after it realized the impact it was making on the environment.

Eco-friendly clothing is here to stay for a long time. The faster we all become responsible for our shopping habits the more we will be able to protect the planet. After all, not all heroes wear a cape, some just shop responsibly! So be a hero and say yes to eco-friendly products only. 

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