How to Find the Best Eyebrow Shape for Your Face

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Taking care of your face is important, and your eyebrows play a crucial role in enhancing your physical beauty. Maintaining a perfect eyebrow shape can transform your entire face, no matter who you are. It’s an asset worth safeguarding.

Choosing a style that you enjoy may seem straightforward, but it can be challenging at times. Before embarking on the search for the ideal microblading style, it is crucial to identify the eyebrow shapes that complement your facial structure.

What is the ultimate secret to shaping your brows to enhance your natural facial outline? Here is a comprehensive guide.

Round Face

Round Face Shape Eyebrows
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You can identify a round face shape by its softly curved chin and wide cheekbones. These faces tend to be about as wide as they are long. Adding height to the arch to enhance your round face shape can create the illusion of a longer face. Sticking with a slight arch to lift the brow and add definition to the face is best.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart Face Eyebrow Shape
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If you have a heart-shaped face, your forehead is wider than your chin, which is narrow and pointed. To enhance this look, consider shaping your eyebrows with a rounded curve, as this will accentuate the heart shape of your face. 

A curved and slightly shorter brow length can also draw attention to the center of your face. By following these tips, you can further enhance your heart-shaped face and create a cohesive look that flows with your natural features.

Oval Face

Oval Face Shape Eyebrows
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If you have an oval face shape, your forehead is smaller than your chin, and your chin is soft, with a slight curve to the sides of your face. Most brow styles will suit your oval face.  However, avoid making your brows too angular, as it can disrupt the softness of your features.

Keep your brow characteristics soft and select a soft-angled brow instead of going too hard on the arch. Be mindful of not raising the arch too high, as it may exaggerate the length of your face.

Oblong Face

Oblong Face Shape Eyebrows
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If you have an oblong face shape, it may resemble a rectangular form more than a square. Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are approximately the same width, but your face is typically longer than wide. 

When enhancing your brows, consider extending the tail and creating a bit more distance between them at the start. This technique can help balance your features and complement your oblong face shape.

Square Face

Square Face Shape Eyebrows
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If you have a square face shape, you likely have strong, well-defined features with straight sides and an angular jawline. To soften your look, consider choosing a brow shape that appears rounder and less severe. Additionally, microblading your brows with a more angular shape can help complement your face shape rather than contradict it.

Final Words

Keeping your brows well-groomed is incredibly important, and learning the proper techniques is the easiest way to achieve the perfect look. By following these tips, you’ll always make a good decision with your microblading needs. Elevate your beauty to the highest level.

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