Beautiful And Fashionable Style Trends In The Jewelry World

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The world of jewelry is an interesting one, to say the least. Trends come and go, but some stick around. Shopping for fashion jewelry these days comes down to figuring out what fits your style the best because options are many. 

We’ve picked a few trends that we think are notable for this year. You’ll find a mix of traditional and abstract in our list below. In other words, there should be something for everyone. Let’s dig right in! 

Links and Chains 

One of the most popular jewelry trends to go mainstream this past year and a half are links and chains. Anything from simple designs, to more robust, thick pieces have appeared all over the fashion capitals of the world. 

Designers such as Louis Vuitton and Givenchy came out with awesome chain necklaces that are both modern. Yet, each of these designs features a minimalist note that accentuates the simplicity of a chain. 

Victoria Beckham had also released a chain design, but this time we’re looking at a much more subtle necklace where the chain is secondary to a centerpiece ring. If you’re into chains, you’ll find an abundance of designer options this year, that’s for sure. 

Two Stone Diamond Ring

Two-Stone Rings 

Speaking of trends that haven’t changed much, and are still very much popular in the world of jewelry, we have to mention the “forever rings”. This type of ring is arguably one of the most romantic pieces of jewelry you can get for your special other. Also known as modern two-stone rings, this type of jewelry represents a bond — a relationship that can’t be untangled that easily and one that is as tough as diamonds. If you’re looking to surprise your partner with a piece of jewelry that has some depth to it, you can’t go wrong with these. 


That’s right, pearls are coming back, and they’re coming back big time. Not so long ago pearls were synonymous with some glamorous parts of the 20th century. Pearls were among the usual suspects seen at any legal or not-so-legal speakeasy during The Roaring Twenties. However, since then, they’ve been sitting dormant in your grand, grandmother’s jewelry box. 

Considering the recent revamp of pearls, you might want to find that box and scope it out for some vintage pearls. Modern designers are incorporating pearls into traditional, posh necklaces, but also some modern pieces of jewelry. Designs vary, bringing many surprises to those who decide to seek the shiny treasure of the oceans. 

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Themed Pieces 

Themed jewelry pieces have always been in and out of trend. However, this year they’ve been growing in popularity. Pulling a themed piece, such as animal-inspired pieces of jewelry or various geometrical shapes, is easy. In many cases themed pieces like these are asymmetrical and often oversized. 

The cool thing about themed jewelry is the shock factor. With subtle jewelry, you’re noticing the aesthetic appeal, but it’s not a conversation piece. When you meet a friend, and they’re wearing a massive dolphin earring on their right ear, you’re bound to notice it and comment on it. In a sense, themed jewelry works for those who are looking to intrigue with their choice of accessories. 


Pendants are becoming the next rising trend as of lately. Not only are they more versatile than your usual pieces of jewelry, but you can pull them off no matter what kind of outfit you’re looking to wear that day. Pendants come in all shapes and sizes, from small to large. 

What you’ll mount the pendant on is totally up to you. Don’t feel pressured to feature a golden pendant with a golden chain. On the contrary, combining gold with leather or other organic materials can lead to some pretty awesome results. 

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Thickness Matters 

Last but not least, we’re seeing an influx of thick, tubular jewelry that is making an appearance in niche circles. We’re talking about massive pieces that are packing serious volume and bring that borderline uncomfortable aesthetic. All things considered, it’s going to be a while before such jewelry hits mainstream, but it’s coming. 

Modern jewelry trends are pushing the envelope. What used to be taboo or too audacious just a few years ago, is fair game today. Because of that, you really need to keep the finger on the pulse of current fashion trends to have a complete picture. The trends we’ve mentioned above seem to have decent long-term potential, while some are timeless classics. You should have no issues finding a new addition to your style this year.

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