8 Must-try Embroidery Trends for Women

Embroidered Dress
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Known as a women’s craft, embroidery has been a popular hobby for many ladies who love sewing to kill time. This art form comes with different techniques and designs, but the run stitch and the satin ones are the most popular. While this hobby remains in many households, incorporating it into clothing and fashionable pieces is quite recurring. Like in the past, the trend for embroidered goods is taking the fashion industry once again. 

Due to their creative and colorful appearance, embroidery works remain a mainstay in the clothing industry. While you can always recreate your embroidered masterpieces by hand, there are now machines that have been developed to produce embroidery faster and more efficiently. With modern twists and valuable innovations, embroidery is now more than just a craft for women. 

If you’re wondering what unique items to add to your closet this year, here are some must-try embroidery trends:

Woman Custom Shirt
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1. Custom Embroidery 

In many business offices and companies, embroidered uniforms are getting commonplace. You’ll find polo shirts, t-shirts, and sweatshirts sporting the embroidered logo of the company. This customization allows business owners to reap benefits, such as brand identification, organized uniform styles, and enhanced logo and design quality. 

While company owners can use screen printing for their shirts, embroidery techniques are more aesthetically pleasing and more robust on the fabric, as they don’t typically fade over time. Women in the business field can use this trend to find the best outfits for their employees. Whether your business is related to fashion, cosmetics, sports, or any other industry, custom embroidered uniform wear is straightforward and gives a higher value for a professional appearance. 

If you’re eager to make everyone in the office look more formal, without having to require them to wear actual formal wear, custom embroidered uniforms are the best alternatives. Your logo can stand out with custom embroidery. From caps to jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and bags, you can prepare for your company’s uniform efficiently and effectively. 

These embroidery items, such as Shop Strange custom embroidery products, can serve as unique gifts for your clients and vendors. They’ll be able to know your company more while enjoying the quality of your customized items. When opting for an embroidered shirt as a uniform in your office, it’s recommended to embroider your logo only on a heavyweight t-shirt, which will hold the needle well when the needle passes through the fabric. 

The logo will appear disproportionate on t-shirts containing a polyester mix or are stretchy. You can consult with your custom embroidery supplier and ask for suggestions for the most suitable fabrics. Embroidery quality is often affected by the choice of garment. 

In general, thicker garments have higher-quality embroidery. When thinking of custom embroidery items, ensure that the materials and garments can accommodate the embroidery techniques. Another tip is to reduce the embroidered logo size, for instance, if your company shirt is thinner. There are other ways for your embroidery to look great, even when you prefer lighter and thinner garments. 

Embellished Mask
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2. Embroidered Masks 

Masks became a fashion statement last year, and it’ll be the same this year until who knows when. Living with the COVID-19 pandemic means wearing masks will be part of your daily outfits. A company logo or design can be embroidered onto the masks’ fabrics if monochrome or white masks are too dull. 

When you’re off to work, you can have your company logo embroidered on your cloth mask. And, during your off days, you can always look extra chic when your cloth masks also come with colorful and beautiful embroidery designs. When embroidering a mask, it’s imperative to ensure that it’s suitable to protect you against the coronavirus. 

You can have it designed with two layers of breathable fabric materials, like cotton. Make sure it’s comfortable to wear and is reusable so you can pair it with any of your outfits. You can test the breathability of your embroidered mask by holding two layers of fabric in front of your mouth and nose and continuing to breathe normally. 

Masks are available in both tubular frames and border frames. Select whichever is more comfortable for you to wear all day. An embroidered mask is an excellent addition to your fashionable look. You can continue to look glamorous and sophisticated even when your lips and mouth are covered with a mask. This trend is, indeed, a must-try for women of all ages. 

3. Pinstripe Shirts with Embroidery 

In most women’s wardrobes, pinstripe shirts are a must-have. This design is remarkably timeless. One way to elevate them is to add embroidered designs to them. Whether you want floral embroidery, some words, and quotes, or other patterns, your pinstripe shirts will look more fashion-forward than ever.

This fashion clothing is very versatile to wear. You can wear them with jeans and boots, dress them down with trainers, or tuck them into skirts or work trousers for a more sophisticated look. Pinstripe shirts are stunning with any embroidery design. Apply some bold red lipstick, and you’ll look like a model for an embroidered clothing brand. 

Embroidered Shoes
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4. Embroidered Shoes 

Another big trend hitting the fashion scene is trainer shoes. While men mostly prefer this footwear, many modern ladies and women love wearing them these days. Fortunately, there are many fashionable sneakers you can wear to work. Some women even have tons of them in their closets because they’re comfy, versatile, and stylish.

To make your trainers look even more head-turning, give them an embroidered twist. Sport these pair when you’re out for a walk or spending time with friends. They’ll surely compliment how unique your shoes look. These sneakers can pull off any outfit, from casual jeans and shirts to dressier dresses and skirts. 

5. Huck Embroidered Towels 

Veer away from clothing apparel and go into some household must-haves, like huck embroidered towels. A darning stitch is used to embroider huckaback towels. In this style of embroidery, cotton floss is usually used, and geometric patterns are commonly embroidered. 

This design has been used in many towels, even in the past. Yet, they remain popular as favorite household items among families and individuals. Whether you buy these trendy textured towels or make the huckaback pattern by yourself, you can enjoy the benefit of having a towel that absorbs quicker than other towel types. 

They could easily absorb water, so you’ll be able to dry your body off quicker when you use these embroidered towels. These trendy items also seem great to be given as presents to your friends and families. Huckaback towels are sturdy, have a good grip, and are incredibly absorbent. 

These stylish towels can be used at home, on the beach, and anywhere you want to display their beautiful embroidery design. Since huckaback embroidery patterns seem to be more challenging to perform than other stitch techniques, you can expect to finish this project far longer than any of your embroidered items by hand. 

Woman Embroidered Top
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6. Embroidered Camisole Tops 

Camisole tops are your best friend in summer. These are fashionable statements for your summer OOTDs. You can wear these lovely tops regardless of your shape or body type. 

Because of their natural form, you won’t have to worry about making you look too thin or voluptuous. Cami tops can flatter any woman with any skin color and body form. To get your cami tops looking more fashionable, add some embroidery to them. You can find whatever design and color of stitches would look great with your cami tops. They’ll make you stand out more from the crowd.  

7. Denim Jeans with Embroidery 

Jeans are staple fashion items in anyone’s closet. They’re, probably, the ultimate go-to for anyone who wants to go outside without spending so much time preparing for their outfit. Jeans can instantly flatter your lower body’s curves, and they go with any top.

Try to find your favorite denim jeans and add embroidery to make them look more unique and colorful. The added splash of colors will seem like a breath of fresh air in your otherwise plain jeans. Now, with a basic tee or sweater, you can still look effortlessly beautiful. 

Embroidered Bags
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8. Embroidered Bag Straps 

Check your handbags and shoulder bags, find time to assess whether they need replacements. One fantastic idea for using embroidery is to incorporate it into your bag straps. If some of your straps experience wear and tear, or if they’re too plain and boring, adding embroidery patterns into them will make your bag look even more creative and beautiful. 

With a splash of color, your black colored bag can be elevated. Whatever material your bag strap has, whether it’s leader, silk, or cloth, you can find ways to add some embroidery to it. Now, you can use bags that have customized straps that no one else can ever get to own. If you’re feeling in the mood to embroider customized names into bag straps, they can also be an excellent option as presents for family and friends. 


With its ability to add a slight edge to anything it touches, embroidery still makes a bold fashion statement, whether it’s done on a plain or colored background. The embroidery will always be effective in instantly uplifting the overall look of any fashionable clothing piece in your closet. It’s safe to say that embroidery never goes out of style, and with the must-try trends listed above, you’ll be able to wear and use something new this year. 

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