5 Hair Care Mistakes Doing More Harm Than Good to Your Locks

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Everyone wants to have that luscious and smooth hair that we usually see in TV shampoo advertisements. Unfortunately, the reality is that those hair conditions are hard to attain, especially when you’re lenient with hair routine and proper care. And in some cases, you’re probably doing something that’s only making your hair look even drier and worse.   

Like skincare, hair care requires careful study and research on what practices and products would fit your crowning glory best. A little mistake can easily break the hair strands. Hence, developing the best hair routine that will make your hair shine better than ever is essential. 

Stick to the best hair repair formula and apply the best care tips to strengthen your hair’s health. Be aware of avoiding these hair mistakes that harm your locks more:

1. Constantly Ponytailing Your Hair  

Ladies who are constantly in a ponytail may observe a permanent line in the middle of their hair, which is caused by using ponytails too often. The thing is, overtightening your hair frequently can cause it to break, primarily if you use hair dye or highlights. Pulling too hard can damage your hair follicles and cause traction alopecia, a form of gradual hair loss.

Ponytails should be worn only occasionally despite being one of the most classic hairstyles. Especially when you just got out of the shower, it’s a big no-no to tie up your hair immediately. Broken strands could result from this habit. However, if you have no choice but to fix your hair in a ponytail, it’s best to use seamless elastic bands instead of rubber ones to create lesser friction to hair strands.  

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2. Drying Your Hair With Towel Aggressively  

Another common habit that could cause hair breakage is aggressively drying your hair with a towel. Whenever hair is wet, it’s easier to break and more sensitive. It is easy to cause frizz and breakage when you rub vigorously after showering. The fibers on a towel can cause friction to the strands, which impacts their quality bristles.  

Also, toweling your hair after a shower takes a long while before you dry your hair thoroughly. The lengthy time will only lead to more breakage. The best alternative for drying your hair is to use an absorbent cloth and pat it dry. Remove excess water from hair by gently rubbing through the strands. Don’t rush, and be aggressive with the drying process.   

3. Washing Hair Excessively  

This tip applies depending on your kind of hair. Frequently shampooing your hair may be necessary for some people, but it can be a double-edged sword. By washing your hair too often, your scalp overcompensates on the oil production front, causing your hair to become greasier faster.   

And another adverse effect is leaving your hair strands duller and easier to break. Sometimes, this can lead to haircare problems. Hence, it’s best to talk to your doctor and ask how frequently it would be best to wash your hair. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this, as every person comes with different hair and scalp conditions.   

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4. Using Too-Strong Hair Products  

There’s nothing wrong with using hair products to care for and maintain hair health. However, it’s essential to be careful and picky when shopping for these products. Styling products build up in your hair when you use them daily; sometimes, washing your hair only sometimes removes them. Sometimes, this buildup is visible on the scalp or hair and is mistaken for dandruff.  

Also, strong chemicals and ingredients in your hair products could cause your hair to dry. Especially for those who have recently dyed their hair, it’s advisable to use shampoos that don’t contain sulfate. Essentially, there are organic hair products that you can go for to ensure that your crowning glory remains healthy and chemical-free.  

5. Using High Heat On Your Hair  

Some people have the habit of drying their hair with hair dryers. It’s okay if the heat settings are not on high levels. Go for low to medium heat only. As a result of heat damage, the strands may become dry, brittle, and even burnt. Also, it’s essential to dry your hair entirely first before styling them. Wet locks should be styled with tools other than straightening and curling irons.  


Your crowning glory is deemed one of your body’s most essential organs. Hence, it’s important to do your best to care for its condition and health. With the tips above, you can avoid the common hair care mistakes that people usually make.   

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