Video | Merethe Hopland by Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd follows up a recent portrait series starring Merethe Hopland with an enigmatic video.

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    If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was by Jonathan Waiter before Billy Kidd.

  • guest

    yup chadwick tyler jonathon waiter billy kid… all very similar…

  • Alex

    Jonathan Waiter’s work is much darker – something intruiging and scary/weird almost. Abnormal.
    Billy’s work is much lighter & airy- you can see the girls’ personality. More spiritual.

    Either way, i adore both.


      So the restlessness and eye rolls didn’t remind you of Waiter?

  • James

    sooooooo Artsy~

  • JustAnotherLondoner

    Not gonna lie, this is a bit weird. Out of context, it could be a video of a person with a personality disorder.