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Sponsored: Triumph Promotes #StandUpForFit Campaign with Funny Video

Lingerie brand Triumph has launched a new video which tells the story of a comedienne who has bra troubles for a girls night out at the bowling alley. We all know that getting the perfect bra can be difficult but this animated film tells it like it is hilariously. From the bra that’s way too small but you get it anyway because it’s pretty to the bra that looks good but only to find out that it pokes you with underwire once you put it on.

Triumph launched this campaign to let you know that you do not have to go through all those trials and tribulations anymore. With its #StandUpForFit initiative, Triumph has created the perfect fit advice for practically every woman. That’s why, they made it their goal for 2014 to help 100,000 women find their perfect fit. A whopping 73% of the ladies Triumph polled said that a bad fitting bra can ruin their day.

So what should the perfect fitting bra be like? Triumph says their customers agree with the description of a “sensational support that you don’t want to hide, but that stays hidden under the tightest clothing.” Sounds perfect! And coming from the lingerie brand that has teamed up with supermodel Helena Christensen for several undergarment collaborations, we think we’ll take their word for it. You can find out more about Triumph’s #StandUpForFit campaign by visiting

You can also visit Triumph’s Youtube Channel, Facebook and Twitter for more information.

This post has been sponsored by Triumph, but concerns our own opinion.

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