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Sponsored: How to Get Summer Waves with MGM Grand Style Tips

Ever wondered how to get the perfect beach waves like Blake Lively or Jessica Alba? It seems that those two actresses always know how to rock the beachy look and look amazing while doing so! The MGM Grand Las Vegas has released a how to style video on how to get those chic wavy tresses straight from the Cristophe Salon located inside the hotel. As stylist Kelly reveals it’s quite simple—all you need is a curling iron and some hairspray to get you from straight hair to full on curls. The model in the video wears an ombre hair style for an even more dramatic effect.

Kelly shows that the way to start is to first divide the hair into two sections and then start on one side. Taking vertical sections at two inches wide, Kelly presses the curling iron toward the center of the hair and then carefully rolls it towards the scalp. The hair stylist recommends to keep your ends out and not curled to get that “loose and beachy” look perfect for summer. Using a heat protecting spray is also something we would recommend to keep your hair from being fried. Once the curls are set, Kelly sprays the model’s hair with a light mist from the Cristophe product line. Rather than using a brush and ruining the curls, Kelly runs her fingers through the model’s hair to get that chicly undone style.

Who ever knew getting those beachy waves could be so easy? Go ahead and try the hair style, it’s as easy as hairspray and a curling iron!

This post has been sponsored by MGM Grand, but concerns our own opinion

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