Iris Strubegger by Hunter & Gatti for Uterque Fall 2011 Campaign

The Lady FactorHunter & Gatti photograph Iris Strubegger for the fall 2011 campaign by Uterque. In a sparse yet elegant setting, Iris dons the labels sophisticated wares and opulent accessories with an air of pure regal beauty. Wearing slick hair by Paco Garrigues and dark makeup by Frank Garret, Iris lounges effortlessly.

8 Responses to “Iris Strubegger by Hunter & Gatti for Uterque Fall 2011 Campaign”

  1. Hunter and Gatti have outdone M&M at their own look here.  The clothes pop more, the saturated colors just look better.  Not Iris’s best work and her eyes are too weird in a couple, but she pulls slick the look off.

  2. Iris is just drop-dead stunning. She has a look that just doesn’t go out of style. I wish her a long career for years to come. 

    • No not at all. I regret posting this. I was in a weird mood. The claign is well done. I was just in a weird mood or something and decided to needlessly be defensive of m&m. I tried to delete the comment but can’t seem to.

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