• http://twitter.com/Hipporox hipporox

    really not seeing anything overly creative… i don’t like it

  • o0chacha0o


  • http://www.facebook.com/huang.little.gui Yi Ting Huang

    i totally LOVE India style! but it just didn’t work out here…

    only like1 or 2 of them…

  • Rutta

    Look in rough, it’s just another Chanel collection, but when I look closely, the details are WOW! East meets west and it’s perfect!

  • http://featurezoo.net memorexe

    Equal parts finessed—and clunky. Still a startling vision, almost makes me wish the Kaiser had his own theme park, imagine immersing  oneself in this deluxe world view…

  • Guest

    I don’t  like. :(

  • Bronagh

    Love it, so much…. stunning! WOw! 

  • http://www.ohjamie.com/ OHJAMIE

    Not a fan. I’d much rather prefer Celine.