What is a Promise Ring? The Meaning, Purpose & Price + Buying Guide

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“People with good intentions make promises, and people with good character keep them.” ~Anonymous. A promise is a commitment or a word of assurance between two people. 

It helps keep relationships working and for trust-building. Moreover, a promise strengthens love, depicts care, and indicates efforts made by both parties. Many people love wearing jewelry made of symbols of their zodiac, their lover’s name, and things close to them. 

Nowadays, couples are fond of wearing promise rings that symbolize devotion, declaration, and commitment of love and are given in a serious relationship. Furthermore, many people wonder whether promise rings are given for engagements or marriage proposals. 

The following description explains the meaning, purpose, price, and buying guide of promise rings, and you can purchase great promise rings at Angel Alchemy Jewelry.

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is also known as a pre-engagement ring. It is given before the commitment of a marriage proposal. Moreover, it highlights the declaration of a serious relationship or any other commitment. 

Like engagement rings, promise rings are not made of precious metals like white gold or platinum or are not necessarily studded with gems and diamonds. Promise rings can be made of less-expensive metals or alloys like silver, brass, and copper and are usually studded with American diamante or zirconium.

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The Meaning of the Promise Ring

The meaning of a promise ring varies from couple to couple’s thoughts and perceptions. Some love birds exchange promise rings to express their love and commitment but think it might be too early to engage formally. 

For others, it is merely a pre-engagement celebration or a special commitment indicating particular messages. Additionally, many wear promise rings to remember their partners in a long-distance relationship. Other meanings can be:

  • To remain by your side no matter what
  • To be always faithful and loyal
  • To marry only you in future
  • To abstain from sex before marriage
  • A promise to change or quit bad habits like smoking or drinking
  • A commitment to love you forever
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The Purpose

Just like the meaning, the purpose of a promise ring is specific to a couple depending on the seriousness of their relationship, future planning, and present circumstances. Sometimes, couples wear promise rings because they are too young to have a serious relationship. 

They want to focus on studies or careers but love their soulmates. Still, others exchange these rings always to memorize promises they make in love. Furthermore, a promise ring can serve as a promise to buy her an engagement ring in the future.

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The Buying Guide

Before going to a jewelry shop or buying a promise ring online, you should do some research. Your study and survey should include the material of rings that is trendy, reasonable, and durable. Moreover, you should know what retailer stores provide the best quality material and beautiful design collections. After learning all these essentials, you should follow the steps below to purchase the best promise rings smartly.

Select Design & Finger to Wear Promise Ring

First, know where you would like to wear a promise ring. You can wear it on the same ring finger where you wear an engagement ring, or you can wear it on any other finger. Moreover, you can also make a pendant of your promise ring. However, if you plan to design two promise rings for you and your partner, opt for a style that intrigues you the most.

Measure Ring Size

Then, measure your finger size and your partner’s to get a promise ring of the exact measurement. In case of wrong measurement or verbal estimation of size, it can lead to loose or tight rings. 

For this purpose, you can use an old ring or a piece of thread to determine ring size. Please don’t use a rubber band since it can lead to erroneous measurements due to its elastic nature.

Choose the Metal & Stone

Choose the metal and stones according to your aesthetic preference and budget. Promise rings are, however, made of inexpensive metals, unlike engagement rings made of gold, platinum, or diamond. 

Nevertheless, suppose you want to impress. In that case, you can choose expensive metals but be sure to keep a difference from engagement rings.

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Select Ring Setting

Ring setting determines how gemstones are mounted or affixed to metal bands. Usually, the ring setting differs from engagement rings to promise rings. Popular settings for promise rings include heart motifs, infinity symbols, halfway bands, bypass bands, criss-cross rings, Celtic knots, and a princess crown. 

These promise rings can be studded with gems like sapphire, emerald, ruby, or your birthstone. Moreover, some ring settings are common to engagement and promise rings and are mostly loved by people. For example, solitaire, halo, bezel, cathedral, and burnish.

Promise Rings vs. Purity Rings

You can wear a promise ring in place of a purity ring, but you cannot wear a purity ring in place of a promise ring. It is because a promise ring can serve the purpose of any promise like marriage declaration, devotion, loyalty, love forever, or quitting any bad habit. 

In contrast, a purity ring indicates a promise between a couple that they will abstain from sex until married. Moreover, purity rings are usually sterling silver, and people often engrave a message on the band to memorize the commitment. 

Popular Styles for Promise Rings

Popular styles for promise rings depend on ring setting and band design. You can opt from any design but make sure to keep your promise ring a little distinguishable from an engagement ring. Following is a short list of some fascinating designs.

  • Halo ring
  • Solitaire
  • Cathedral
  • Bezel 
  • Burnish
  • Heart motifs
  • Infinity symbols
  • Halfway band
  • Bypass band
  • Criss-cross ring
  • Celtic knots
  • Princess crown


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What is the Price of a Promise Ring?

A promise ring can cost you only a few dollars. However, it all depends on your design, material selection, and ring setting, depending on your budget. The least expensive promise ring can be worth $100, and the price can exceed $500. For designer promise rings, the cost can even reach up to $2,000.

What is the Difference Between a Promise Ring & an Engagement Ring?

A promise ring is a pre-engagement ring or the ring that expresses unique promises, messages, and meanings. It is also less expensive than an engagement ring. In contrast, an engagement ring is exchanged by a couple on a day of commitment for their marriage. It is more precious and expensive than a promise ring.

Which Finger is Best Suited for a Promise Ring?

You can wear a promise ring on a ring finger. However, any finger will be good to go. If you want no one to get confused about your engagement, you can always wear a promise ring on your index or middle finger.

What Should a Promise Ring Look Like?

A promise ring should not look like an engagement ring. It should have a unique symbol, gemstone, or band design that makes it unique and distinguishable from engagement rings.

When Should I Give a Promise Ring to My Partner?

A promise ring should only be exchanged when a couple is serious about making any commitment.

A Note for You

Promises are essential to keep the foundation of any relationship secure and stable. It is because a promise is a warrant of trust. Promise rings symbolize such a declaration, and people are fond of wearing such jewels. Before opting for a pair of promise rings, you should know the meaning, purpose, price, and buying guide mentioned above. So be sure to read the explanation before making your decision.

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