Want To Trim Your Own Hair? Here Are Some Tips

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Getting your haircut is one of the most common hair care routines. People go in, get their hair cut, and then leave feeling fresh and new. Some people cannot make it into the shop for various reasons, but this does not mean they can’t enjoy the benefits of a good haircut! Here are some tips to trim your hair at home.

1. Know your Hair Type

The first thing you need to know about trimming your hair is what type of hair it is. Hair types are usually categorized into two, but there are some other classifications too. The major ones include wavy, curly, and straight, which can be further subdivided into fine or coarse textures depending on the shape/texture of strands in comparison with each other. Curly and wavy hair tends to have a definite growth pattern that can also vary from one individual to another person within the same texture category, making them slightly different when cut at their ends.

2. Consider your Hairstyle

Curtain bangs are a common style and that refers to a fringe of hair that is cut at an angle. They tend to be shorter in the front and longer towards the back, resembling curtains. This hairstyle can look very trendy when done right, but if not, it could resemble something from another decade! If you have set your heart on this style before trimming your hair, consult with a professional stylist who has experience creating these types of looks so they can guide you through getting the perfect haircut for your face shape and personality type. Often, hairstylists will tell you that the answer to Curtain Bangs is giving it a trim every few weeks to maintain the angles. When it comes to trimming curtain bangs, it is crucial to keep the angles of your fringe in mind. The curl of curtain bangs should begin behind the brow, so if you find that you are trimming hair lower than this, then you need to hold off until more growth occurs. It’s best to wait for a few weeks before trying again since shearing too much off at once could result in uneven lengths and also damage your hair when cutting through curls!

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3. Have a Good Pair of Scissors

If you want to give your hair a perfect trim, you need to have a good pair of scissors. If your shears are not sharp, it will be tough to get the look you want.

You also do not want to use those cheap haircutting kit scissors because they will cause damage and make further styling harder than ever before. So keep some money aside if it means investing in some professional-grade shears. You can find these at any beauty supply store or online on Amazon or eBay.

4. Use a Mirror 

If you decide to trim the hair yourself, you’ll need to use a mirror so you can see exactly what it is that you’re doing. If your bathroom doesn’t have one, or if the lighting isn’t right and makes things difficult for seeing, find another room where there’s good light coming in through a window and face the mirror towards it so you can get as much natural light as possible on yourself

Mirrors located near windows are best for this purpose because they bring in plenty of natural sunlight. You should also be able to position them at an angle that will allow them to reflect onto your head from all the angles that would come up when attempting to trim the hair.

Using a handheld mirror can help, too, mainly if it’s big enough for you to see what details need attention. Or you could also use your phone camera and flip through the different angles of yourself in front of the mirror while looking at them on-screen. Ensure that you have all that information available when trimming hair so that nothing gets left out accidentally or cut too short by mistake.

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5. Ensure there’s Enough Light in the Room

The lighting in your room is essential when you’re trying to cut your hair. You need the right amount of light to see what you’re doing, and it should be bright enough so that there’s no mistake when cutting.

If possible, use a mirror with an outside natural lighting source behind it (e.g., window). If not, make sure there is at least one clear overhead light on for visibility, or set up several lamps around the area where you’ll be trimming your hair.

Well, now you’re equipped with some helpful tips to make trimming your hair a breeze. And if the worst happens and it all goes wrong? No worries! You can always get the help of a professional

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