Top 5 Advantages Of Using Boob Tape

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If you’re familiar with the women’s fashion and clothing/textile industry, you will know about ongoing contrasts between bras and other market options that pertain to holding the breast firm. While various options like cups, nipple and bra pads, tubes, etc. are available, people just had to make do anyone they think offers them the best considerations for their clothes. And sometimes, some people risk going out without a bra.

It all seemed fine and the world was managing until Kim Kardashian shared her secret (and some others’) about using tapes to pack ‘them boobs’. Kim’s revelation opened many people to the improvisation of using available resources to tackle the problem of arranging the breasts within different garment styles such as backless, low-cut, plunge necklines, etc. Although different types of tapes ranging from Gaffer tape to duct tape have been used (and are still being used), more brands of medical boob tape have stormed the market, ever since. So, now to the big question: what are the benefits of using boob tapes

1. They are accommodating

The professionally designed tapes for human skin are very reliable and accommodating for any type of dress or style. You cannot wear bras with every clothes. In fact, outside professional wears and a few casual wears, bras are rarely a good choice. The restrict the boobs in certain ways and try to conceal the cleavage most times. That is not the case for boob tapes; they allow you to hold your breasts firm in any position you want them to be in your dress. This freedom is lacking with other breast-covering products. So, when it comes to thinking about the advantages of boob tapes, the first thing that should come to mind is the convenience which the product offers in multiple garment sizes. Breast tapes will perfectly accommodate plunge necklines, halter necklines, wide necklines, open-side garments, backless, low-backed garments, asymmetric necklines, strapless necklines or even the under-breast cutouts.

2. They are comfortable:

Boob tapes are so super comfortable to be worn. If you have them on, they won’t deprive your breasts the joy of bouncing while you take each elegant step, cat-walking the aisle. How you tape your boobs depend on how much they would bounce, though. Moreover, your breast and chest won’t feel caved in, which may cause aches. Since only the needed sides of the breasts are taped, there is no need to bother about the pain in the chest and back areas, no clip hurting your shoulders while trying to keep the boobs as close up as they can be.

Also, the comfort offered by this piece of luxury is so amazing that you don’t have to worry about which underwear fits what dress. You can wear them to any dress. In fact, you could try to tape your breasts to where you want them to be, underneath your normal T-shirt or gown. It will create a good impression about your appearance to people. Your breasts would appear firm and you won’t have to worry about adjusting hooks or putting your hands in your dress to relieve your breasts from choking, fixed positions.

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3. No considerations about sizes:

Another good thing is that you don’t have to worry about sizes. You could easily call your friend over the phone saying, “Hey Suzie, can you please get me the ‘usual tape’?” You don’t have to spill the beans of needing a bra and shouting your size and cup types over the phone. So, once you have purchased a boob tape, you can use it without worrying about shapes. And if your friend is coming over to your place and you’d both be rocking one of those dresses whose glory would flourish without a bra, then you can both use the same tape. You can never go wrong on cups and types.

4. They stay hidden

It is needless to say how bras, camis, and tubes always manage to show themselves, trying to share in the glory of a dress.  It is annoying when, sometimes, you manage to wear a dress that covers up the bra, but those annoying straps keep peeking from underneath the dress on your shoulder.

With boob tapes, bygone to the nightmares of bra revelations! You can adequately manage the quantity of tape you want to use underneath your dress; hence you can control what parts of your breasts show and which parts do not. No product has ever given a woman the chance to control what parts of her breast she wants to cover, not until the advancement of boob tapes.

With the right taping techniques, you can show as much cleavage as you wish to, while holding your breasts in place and covering your nipples. Have you ever caught anyone who admires you and tries to poke their heads in your breast because they can’t see the apparatus holding your breasts firm? That is how coverable breast tapes can be.

NB: Gawking at anyone’s breast is disrespectful anyways, no matter the circumstance. So, that’s not a take-home point from this article.

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5. They lift the breasts

Tapes can also lift the breasts and make the open parts of the cleavage to stand as firm as possible. By getting the best way to apply boob tapes, you can lift your cleavage as much as you want them to be. The breasts remain firm and fitted within the clothes.

The best way to let the breast stand in the fullness of their size and radiance is by letting the natural lifters (the internal ligaments and the skin) to hold them firm. Raising them artificially in an environment as tight as the bra is not medically good. Tapes do the job better, sexier, and in a more natural way than any other product in the market.

In conclusion, the world evolves, and so has the women undergarment coverage style. The advantages of using boob tapes are seeing in diverse ways that begin from being very supportive and accommodating for any dress type, being very comfortable, eliminating the worry about sizes, the ‘hidden’ advantage, and breast lifting, which is medically healthy.

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