Stay Stylish In 2021 By Following These Tips And Tricks

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Every year it seems like something new is in style, trending, or coming into fashion. It’s not always easy to keep on top of these things! Whatever the time of year, you don’t want to feel like you’ve been left behind in the style game. But, keeping up with what is and isn’t stylish is no easy task.

Not all of us are fashion experts. Not all of us even have time to study fashion for hours and hours, trying to keep ahead of the curve! But, that doesn’t matter. In 2021, it’s perfectly possible to stay stylish without losing your mind or breaking the bank. Below, we are going to share some top tips and tricks from fashion designers and agencies to help you stay stylish with ease in 2021. 

Know Yourself, And Your Style

Before anything else, it’s important to know and be yourself. No one ever became a style icon or fashion favorite by simply trying to be someone else. You are you, and that’s the thing that makes you wonderful. So, before you go chasing the latest fashions you need to be comfortable, confident, and cool in your own skin. 

You know how great you are and you already probably know what looks great on you. So, first thing is to take stock of your own self and style. What are you naturally drawn to? What do you feel most sexy and comfortable wearing? This should probably form the basis of the rest of your style, as comfort breeds cool. Throwing together some high-end pieces that you feel awful in won’t get you anywhere. 

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Be Bold, Go It Alone!

So, you know what works for you. You know what makes you feel good. One of our many top tips was basically “why change anything?” Many people will say that whatever you wear, you can look amazing and stylish if you wear it with confidence. Think about it, all kinds of styles rotate in and out of fashion, you see celebs wearing everything from casual to ballgown on a daily basis, but they always look great when they’re comfortable.

Speaking of going it alone, you could really push the boundaries and design, modify, or customize your own clothes. Working with a fashion design agency, you could seek advice on how to really develop the style you have and make it extra special. Whether at a small scale seeking tips and advice or at a much larger scale trying to sell your ideas to others, these kinds of companies could help you and your style grow. After all, fortune favors the brave! Give it a go!

Keep Up To Date 

This might seem like a contradiction after the last point, but many of you will be reading this thinking “I just want to know what’s stylish in 2021!” We understand. While you do have your own style and should always hold on to that, you are perfectly entitled to stay in touch with what else is going on in the world of fashion and design.

The simplest way to keep on top of 2021’s trends – and beyond – is to follow it online and in print. Fashion magazines are still going strong to this day and will likely never die. In print and online, you can follow huge publications for small amounts of money, who are sharing every inside scoop on what’s hot right now. If you don’t want to spend any money, stick to social media and bloggers. There are plenty out there sharing their daily tips and thoughts on current trends, giving away content for free.

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If In Doubt, Stay Simple

If you’re going somewhere (probably in the second half of 2021, right?) and you’re not sure what to wear, the top piece of advice we kept hearing over and over again was: keep it simple. Simplicity trumps over-complication every single time. You should always have a few base outfits that are simple go-to’s when you are conflicted about what to wear. Whether it’s a button-down shirt and some stylish pants or a summer dress, these staple pieces can be built upon to suit almost any moment or event.

Always Accessorize

Accessories are essential if you want to look stylish. Even with a super simple outfit like jeans and a white tee, you can elevate the look with some beautiful accessories. Simple, light jewelry has been really in style as of late, but any jewelry elevates your outfit. Pair that with a matching watch, stylish bag and a great pair of sunglasses and suddenly you’re not just in a simple outfit anymore!

Watch The Fit

This may seem like an obvious mention, but definitely always worth remembering. The fit of your clothes is just as important as the style. This is relevant in 2021 and beyond. There’s nothing worse than a top that keeps sliding off the shoulder or a skirt that’s just too tight around the middle. Always make sure your clothes fit well and fit the shape of your body nicely – whatever your shape is! This will help you feel confident and sexy in whatever you choose to wear.

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The Face Mask(!)

It would be remiss of us to not mention 2021’s almost guaranteed accessory, the face mask. The pandemic has brought face masks into our daily lives, meaning most of us are wearing some kind of face covering when out and about. This calls back to our earlier sentiments about being bold and unique, as face masks can be a really fun way to customize your wardrobe! There are plenty of sites online selling custom, colorful, or quirky face coverings, all of which are perfectly safe for use. If you want to modify your look to really suit 2021, it might be worth considering an upgrade to the standard surgical mask.

These simple tips will help anyone look and feel great in 2021 and beyond. Keeping up to date with fashion is fun if you’re up for it, if you’re not, keep it simple and rock what suits you best. Whatever you choose this year, we’re sure you’ll do so looking absolutely perfect.

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