Natalie Dormer Poses for Flare, Reveals Why She Stays Away From Internet Comments

November 5, 2014


Natalie on Flare–Taking the spotlight once again, “Game of Thrones” star Natalie Dormer lands the December 2014 cover story from Flare Magazine. Photographed by David Roemer and styled by Simone Konu, the blonde beauty flaunts her stuff in elegantly relaxed fashion. For her interview, Natalie also reveals why she does not read comments on the internet about herself anymore, “I have a lopsided mouth—it’s a family quirk— and some people are very rude about it. You can find really horrible stuff: ‘sourpuss smirk.’ I don’t go down that rabbit hole anymore.”

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1 thought on “Natalie Dormer Poses for Flare, Reveals Why She Stays Away From Internet Comments”

  1. I think Natalie Dormer is a bad*ss. Her charming smirk/smile was always interesting to me because I have the same thing. But, you know, it can be her unique trademark.


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