How Miki Agrawal Stays True to Her Signature Personal Style

Miki Agrawal
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Miki Agrawal has emerged from countless chrysalis periods in her professional journey. From a fledgling professional career as an investment banker and professional soccer player to becoming a leading disruptor in the farm-to-table food and hygiene industries, Agrawal has taken every road less traveled. Finding success in all of her ventures, Agrawal’s tenacity and penchant for authenticity have led the way for her career. The same can be said for Miki Agrawal’s signature personal style, authentic self-expression, and breezy, effortless comfort in her aesthetic. From oversized hats to fringed caftans, Agrawal’s unique style remains a constant reminder of her sense of self, commitment to being true to herself, and an expression of confidence bursting from the inside out.

What’s A Signature Style, Anyway?

Developing a timeless, signature style that fits an individual’s personality and preferences, and represents the individual, is a feat often seen by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, tastemakers, fashionistas, and well-dressed professionals. From Steve Jobs’ signature turtlenecks to Miki Agrawal’s chic neutrals to her white and gold accents and Ralph Lauren’s everyday tweed blazers, these signature styles serve as a basis of expression and a testament to the essence put out every day. 

A signature style is not simply a uniform. Developing a personal style is all about consistency, not merely repetition. In Miki Agrawal’s case, the repetition of beloved elements, including hats, flowy pieces, custom costumes, and jumpsuits, and her 40+ hat collection allows the multifaceted entrepreneur to play around with her look while maintaining an authentic expression of self that followers have grown to love.

Instead of “boxing in” the individual with a “single serving” aesthetic, a signature style can be a powerful talisman, boosting one’s confidence and exuding authenticity. 

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How To Develop A Signature Style

Developing a signature look is all about examining personal preferences, aesthetic loves, and what an individual feels most comfortable, confident, and bold in. Creating a unique style may take some trial and error and should be an enjoyable journey of self-exploration. Speaking about the evolution of her own style journey, Miki Agrawal noted, “I used to think that fashion was something that was ‘superficial’ but I realized that it can be a form of true radical self-expression and art form.”

Trust Your Gut

To develop a personal style, trusting your gut is critical. This may mean walking away from aesthetics that don’t “feel” right or clothes that seem to wear you. While trends may come and go and may be tempting to partake in, they’re often meaningless and short-lived. Thus, trusting your own essence is more important than simply following the latest trends. 

Take Inspiration From Masters of Personal Style

While finding a long-lasting personal style that feels authentic is a profoundly personal journey, you can certainly look to influential individuals, past and present, for inspiration. Look for individuals who represent an aesthetic that appeals to you, and ask yourself the question, “What is it about their style that I love? What draws me in?” Whether it’s a mood that they embody or physical pieces that they own, finding a personal style master is a great way to draw inspiration.

Start with Staple Pieces

If your signature style is still in its infancy, investing in a ton of pieces may be overwhelming, unattainable, or otherwise unwise. Instead, to foster a particular personal style and essence, begin with meaningful and bespoke pieces that can be tailored and utilized in versatile ways. Accessories can be a great place to start and bring life to otherwise classic pieces.

Perfecting the crisp, somewhat utilitarian boho look throughout her career and personal life, Miki Agrawal often accents classic pieces with richly colored hats and belts, instantly transforming an otherwise classic look into a chic and authentic statement. As a best-selling author, Miki Agrawal even featured her signature style on the cover of her book, “Disrupt-Her: A Manifesto for the Modern Woman”!

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Benefits Of Maintaining A Signature Style

Maintaining an authentic and purposeful signature style can evoke confidence, comfort in your own skin, and a host of other important personal feelings. However, there are also many pragmatic benefits of maintaining a signature style, especially throughout the professional-personal space.

Elimination of “Decision Fatigue”

Decision fatigue” is a very real phenomenon often experienced by entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and those consumed by things other than fashion. Notably popularized by Mark Zuckerberg, “decision fatigue” is the reason behind his solid-colored t-shirt and medium wash jeans signature look. Freeing up the mind from having to put together cohesive “looks” every day allows individuals to express themselves authentically without having to be bogged down by making style choices several times per day. For Miki Agrawal, a highly sought-after public speaker, presenting herself authentically in a way that aligns with her messaging and words is made easy by eliminating the dreaded “decision fatigue.”

Investment In Timeless Pieces

Since signature styles often steer away from trendy pieces, this concept usually welcomes the investment into high-quality, classic pieces that will stand the test of time and even become valuable generational investments. Look for pants, tops, shoes, and accessories made from fine materials, crafted with durability in mind, for investment pieces that will act as staples in your signature style wardrobe.

Development of Authenticity and Confidence

Perhaps more important than aesthetic consistency, the development and maintenance of a signature style can bolster confidence in any situation. Knowing who you are, both aesthetically and internally, can give you a footing in an otherwise unstable world, career, or personal life. In the example of Miki Agrawal’s career ventures, each entrepreneurial risk was met with the need to delve heart-first into a project. That takes a lot of guts. Her trusty neutral basics and boho accessories weren’t the only things that allowed her to come across as confident and bold. It was also feeling confident, authentic, and comfortable in her skin that allowed Agrawal to convey those feelings outwardly, an important feat for securing funding, nailing partnerships, and growing empires. Never underestimate enclothed cognition or the “systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes.”

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