How To Wear A Wig Like A Pro For Beginners

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While some women naturally have beautiful thick hair, many women, including celebrities, have thin hair caused by hair loss. Despite trying all the remedies for hair loss, they are unable to make their hair thicker. In these cases, wearing a wig is the easiest way to make the hair thicker, enhancing the wearer’s appearance.

One of the main challenges while wearing a wig is to attain a natural look so that no one realizes that the woman is wearing a wig. Many people want the unit to look just like their natural hair. Wearing a wig properly takes some effort. The wearer should know the right technique. So look no further, and find out how to wear a wig like a pro below.

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For ensuring that the wig will fit well, it is important to choose the right size. The wig size depends on the circumference of the head of the person who is wearing the wig.

There are four different sizes of wigs available to fit users perfectly. The smallest size, known as ultra petite, corresponds to a circumference of 19 to 20 inches. The petite is for heads with a circumference of 20 to 21 inches. The average is for head circumference 21 to 22.5 inches. In comparison, the largest size is suitable for heads of circumference 22.5 to 24 inches. There is usually a provision for adjusting the wig size by half an inch to fit properly.

For measuring the head size, the wig buyer should take a tailors tape which is easily available. The tape should be placed on the front hairline in front and then moved along the hairline covering the left ear to reach the hairline at the back, nape of the neck, and over the right ear to reach the front hairline again. This will give the circumference of the head to purchase the right wig.

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Types of wigs

There are a large number of affordable wigs available in different styles at sites like Niawigs to suit the budget of the wig buyer. Beginners with no experience in wearing a wig are looking for a wig that is easy to wear. So Niawigs has a wide range of headband wigs that are very easy to wear. No lace or glue is required.

Even a person with no expertise in wearing wigs can wear the wig in ten seconds. Unlike other wigs, the edges of the hair are also protected. The wig has four combs, one on each side, one in front, and one on the rear. The elastic mesh of the wig is stretchable and breathable for greater comfort. The ice silk headband is stretchable.

Additionally, there are other wigs that blend well with natural hair. Niawigs has lace front wigs which are 13″ X 6″ in size, which create the illusion of natural hair. The lace closure wigs are smaller in size, have a 5″ X 5″ lace, and blend well with natural hair. They are often preferred to lace fronts since they are more affordable. U part and short bob wigs are the other popular wigs. Niawigs also has a range of skin-based wigs like scalp top and skin-based lace-front wigs.

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Wearing the wig

For wearing the wig, the hair should be first styled so that one can fit the wig properly. The method will vary depending on the length of the natural hair of the wig wearer. If the hair is long, the hair should be divided into two sections, and one can use hairpins to fix the hair at the back of the neck.

You can then put the wig cap over the hair to keep it in place. In the case of short hair, the hair should be smoothed so that you can place the wig cap properly over the head hair. The wig should then be put on the front of the head and gradually moved to the back so that it fits properly. For wigs with Velcro straps, one should adjust the strap length for proper fitting.

If the wig is too perfect, people will easily notice that it is not natural. To make the wig look more realistic, it is advisable to make some modifications to the wig. It would be best to cut some hair wig strands to mimic the look of hair growing naturally, the partition slightly modified. If the wig is worn daily, it is also necessary to wash the wig weekly with shampoo so that it does not smell.

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