Slow Fashion: How to Make Clothes Last Longer

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Remember the takeaway from The Hare and The Tortoise story? Slow and steady wins the race–the same goes for the fashion industry. With most of the world indulging in fast fashion, slow fashion is taking a backseat. Sad to say, the giants of the fast fashion world exploit their workers by paying them a meager sum.

The environmental consequences of fast fashion cannot be emphasized enough. To meet consumers’ demands, clothes are manufactured at breakneck speeds using low-quality synthetic fabrics. As a result, they remain in landfills for hundreds of years.

Turning to slow fashion is the only solution to undo the damage caused by the fast fashion trend. Instead of upgrading your wardrobe with new clothes, extending the lifespan of your attires is a wise thing to do.

Besides, it’s good for the planet and your finances, making it a win-win situation. Let’s explore some ways to extend the life of your clothes:

How to Make Clothes Last Longer

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The first step to creating a sustainable and ethical wardrobe isn’t to dispose of all your fast fashion brand clothing. Instead, an effort to make your clothes last longer is the best approach. Aside from saving money, this will reduce your carbon footprint.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to keep your special outfits as good as new:

1. Wash Less

No, we aren’t asking you to wear awful-smelling clothes to your workplace or the supermarket! It would be best only to toss your clothes in the washing machine when they smell musty or get dirty. By washing less, we mean you shouldn’t over-clean your clothes.

Every time a garment is tossed in the machine, it goes through a series of tumbling, which causes the fabric to stretch. When this happens on the reg, the garment loses color and rips. Unless it’s a synthetic fabric, air drying is a great way to remove the unpleasant smell from your garments.

As for the delicates, hand wash them to make them last longer. Ideally, add mild detergent in lukewarm water, soak your clothes in them for about half an hour, and line dry them.

2. Buy Quality Pieces

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If you want your garments to last long, you need to stock garments made of high-quality raw materials. A $300 dress lasting for multiple seasons will be a better bet than five $100 dresses that last for a few months. Simply knowing how to wear dresses in the winter season isn’t enough. Knowing what fabric to buy is equally important.

And always remember, quality pieces aren’t sold at throwaway prices. Instead, they are slightly expensive, but they outlive the clothes supplied by fast fashion brands. And that’s the best thing about quality pieces. For example, the wardrobe staples of Project Social T are chic, comfy, and durable because the brand prioritizes quality over quantity.

To reduce its carbon footprint, the brand dispatches orders in packages made of corn starch, which is BPA-free. Even the shipping labels are made with a non-toxic adhesive and are biodegradable.

3. Fold Heavy Sweaters on Shelves

Do your sweaters become unusable by the next winter season because they stretch out? Well, that isn’t an uncommon phenomenon. Thanks to the good old-fashioned gravity, sweaters stretch on hangers.

To avoid your sweater from turning into a droopy jumper, fold it and store it on a shelf. And if you don’t want moths to lay eggs in your sweaters, moth-proof it by storing it alongside scraps of cedar wood, bay, and lavender leaves.

4. Get a Few Pieces Altered

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Outgrown a pair of jeans or accidentally ripped a pair? Discarding them isn’t the only solution. Instead, take them to your local tailor to get them repaired. Or you can mend them yourself with the help of DIY videos. All you need is a little bit of research.

One of the easiest hacks to fix ripped jeans is to sew embroidered patches on the torn areas, and tada! Your unique pair of jeans are ready to be worn.

5. Buy Better Hangers

Various wire and plastic hangers turn your tight-fitting clothes into saggy ones by stretching out their shoulders. Wooden hangers are an excellent alternative to plastic and wire hangers. Although a bit expensive, they are worth every penny.

Final Words: Sustainable Fashion is Here to Stay

By jumping on the fast fashion bandwagon, you will earn the tag of a fashionista. But remember, you’re indirectly contributing to environmental damage and labor exploitation. To join the slow fashion movement, you need not toss all the garments you’ve bought from the fast fashion industry giants.

Instead, take one step at a time. Wear all your garments as much as possible before disposing of them. Also, read labels to find out if the clothing is made of eco-friendly fabric. Best of all, swap clothes with your friends.

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