How To Impress For Every Occasion

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Being the best dressed for any occasion and dressing appropriately shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Moreover, dressing for every occasion doesn’t need to be anxiety-inducing either.

And, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Looking fashionable and dressing to impress should be easy, and it is if you know how to do it.

The dress codes of yesterday are outdated. Learning how to dress comfortably while still looking good and dressed for the appropriate occasion takes just a little understanding and a lot of imagination.

You could say today’s dress code is more about dressing in what you feel comfortable in than any rigorous rules of yesterday.

There are a few simple rules to follow when dressing for every occasion.

  • Dress more toned-down for first impressions (except when you want to look hot)
  • Dress formally for formal events, casual-comfortable for all others
  • For lunch and friend events, your comfort is queen
  • Accessorize for the moment

These four simple rules should act as a guide and outline what to do, offering many opportunities to dress with individual “flare” and look good for the occasion.

Another thing to consider is that while an outfit may look good in a magazine, you may feel underwhelmed if you try to compare how it looks on you with the model. So don’t go into fashion by how something looks on others. Instead, dress by how you feel.

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Outfits That Fit The Moment

Dressing smartly and looking good aren’t mutually exclusive. Understanding what type of event and expectations for attire is part of your equation. For example, long skirts with a nice top or shorter dresses are appropriate for dinner dates in summer.

On the other hand, a long dress would be ideal if you were going fine-dining, but you could pull off a skirt and blouse with a light sweater or sports coat.

For work-related events, tone-downed outfits appropriate to the environment are essential. For example, you could wear a light top, jeans, or a skirt that matches. Part of the equation is to be professional while comfortable, and considering layers would be an excellent idea.

The key to any outfit is how you embellish it with makeup and accessories. As with any ensemble, your accessories are (almost) as necessary as the outfit itself, and a quick change of accessories can transform a drab look into a magnificent one.

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Makeup: When it comes to makeup, the key is minimal. After foundation, mascara, and eye shadow, underutilize your makeup for a healthy, natural look that is perfect for any occasion.

Of course, for formal events, hair and makeup are going to be on-point. But unless you’re heading to a wedding or black-tie event, undertoning your makeup will help you highlight your features and accessories without having to redo your makeup when you change between events.

Accessories: There are different accessories for every occasion. Switching from hoops to studs can change your entire outfit from casual to business professional in a flash.

Also, rings, necklaces, and chains can make your lunchtime with friends go from ho-hum to extraordinary.

Glasses used to be something everyone avoided. It’s the reason that contact lenses became so popular.

But for a while now, glasses are something that can be worn as an accessory, even if you don’t need corrective lenses. They’ve become an “it” thing to wear as an accessory, and when you combine your glasses and makeup, you can highlight your facial features.

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Shoes: Of course, everybody knows shoes make the outfit. That said, there’s a lot of flexibility in what you can wear with different ensembles these days. It wasn’t that long ago that the more “dressy” you were, the more you needed to wear heels.

Nowadays, you can pull off a variety of shoes, from flats to sneakers, depending on the look that is most comfortable for you. In addition, you can find plenty of affordable and discount shoes that will match most of your outfits and not break the bank.

Scents: The power of smell is incredible. As a sense, the odor can create vivid memories and evoke powerful emotions in people. So part of your outfit should include planning around the type of perfume or body spray you’ll wear.

Depending on your taste, you can find a variety of scents to wear at different prices. In addition, you can shop online to find coupons for perfume, look for the best deals, or have discontinued items to save money but still come out smelling like a rose.

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