Gold vs. Silver Jewelry: How to Pick the Right Metal for Your Skin Tone

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Some people have a preference when it comes to silver vs. gold jewelry. But is your jewelry complementing your look or bringing it down? How do you know which is the best for you?

Your skin’s undertone is the color underneath your skin that gives you an overall hue. One of the best ways to determine what you should wear is what suits your undertone. Continue reading to learn how to choose gold vs. silver jewelry based on your skin tone!

How to Determine Your Skin’s Undertone

There are several tests that you can do to find your undertone. The easiest and most common is called the vein test.

Take a look, in good lighting, at the veins in your wrist. There are three skin tones: warm, cool, and neutral. You can determine which skin tone you have by taking note of the color of your veins.
If your veins appear to be green or yellow, you have a warm undertone. Veins that are blue or purple mean that you have a cool undertone. A mixture of both is a neutral undertone.

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Best Jewelry for Warm Tones

Precious metal jewelry that is gold typically looks best on people who have warm undertones. Yellow gold will come to life when resting against warm-toned skin. Silver may have a tendency to wash you out if you have this undertone. This can make you look tired or pale.

Rose gold has also become increasingly popular. It will look stunning on those with any undertone. However, if you are prone to redness or have a pinkish tint, you may want to avoid it. The pink of the jewelry will accentuate the redness in your skin.

Best Jewelry for Cool Tones

Silver or white gold looks lovely on cool undertones. Silver will enhance your look and tone down or draw attention away from any redness that you may experience. Wearing silver earrings is a great trick to distract from the facial redness.

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Gold can appear lackluster or even enhance redness on those with a cool undertone.

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Best Jewelry for Neutral Tones

If you have neutral tones, then your complexion is versatile. You will likely be able to decide what you prefer and what looks best on you. This can change based on the colors in your outfit.

Choosing Between Gold vs. Silver

Finding out your skin’s undertone is an easy way to choose between gold and silver jewelry. The vein test can help you make this determination, but if you are having trouble, there are plenty of other methods to try.
It’s also important to remember that you should wear what makes you happy. So if your favorite kind of jewelry doesn’t line up with what is supposed to match your undertone, just go for it!

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