Gisele Bundchen Wows for Vogue Brazil June 2013 by Mario Testino

Joanna Elizabeth


Published May 31, 2013

Gisele – Following up her cover, supermodel Gisele Bundchen flaunts her swimsuit body for the June, “Body Issue” of Vogue Brazil. The blonde poses for Mario Testino wearing summer looks styled by Sarajane Hoare. Gisele glistens alongside a hunky male companion in the smoldering shoot.

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16 thoughts on “Gisele Bundchen Wows for Vogue Brazil June 2013 by Mario Testino”

    • i don’t like these either.

      too experimental and they don’t work imo.

      i usually love mario testino and gisele

      takes amazing pics 99.9% of the time…

      but not a fan of these at all.

    • They aren’t trying to make her look like she has the skin of a 16 year old. This is a good thing imo. I don’t think people are used to seeing realistic depictions of anyone over the age of 22 in fashion anymore. Even if the models are older than that, god forbid they look it.

      • It looks too forced, too retouched. Almost as if he was trying to mimic a film-process that simple cant be done via digital means. Its overall murky and her skin is the kind of ‘raw’ that could be mistaken as beef carpaccio…. Dont even get me started on her eyes…

  1. You guys do realize that Photoshop is sometimes used to create a sense of unrealistic hyper-realism in order to make it a little edgier, right? Note the oiled bodies and super high contrast. Now refer to Calvin Klein ads. Thank you.

    I, on the other hand love it and think they did a great job!

    • I like, but do not love. And the CK ads are Mert and Marcus and that fits their style more than this fits Testino. I like about half of these a lot and the others are just meh. But applause for Testino for trying something different I suppose. He could just fall back on his old style every time but he tries to push himself I think.

  2. I quite like it! I agree with @5d6b11821672c0d6172eb87141407157:disqus. They deliberately made that kind of processing to “grunge it up” and emphasize Gisele’s amazing shape.

  3. These are not merely fashion images. The way the images were processed was for the purpose of art and not to be realistic. At first I didn’t like them but after viewing them all together, they really work as a series.

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