Estée Lauder: Joan Smalls, Liu Wen & Constance Jablonski

Joanna Elizabeth


Published March 18, 2011


Updated October 27, 2017

Joan Smalls joins Liu Wen and Constance Jablonski as the latest face of beauty giant, Estée Lauder. The photo above by Craig McDean is a preview of Lauder’s upcoming campaign featuring the top model trio. (The Cut)

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23 thoughts on “Estée Lauder: Joan Smalls, Liu Wen & Constance Jablonski”

  1. joan & liu are gorgeous, but i’m not a fan of constance… seriously, one of the ugliest white chicks out there to do beauty shot

    • Just thinking about what you probably look like makes me wanna puke… U just a Stupid jealous bitch… even when u don’t appreciate someone there is other way to say it that “one of the ugliest white chicks out there to do beauty shot”. But anyway if you look at her and then look a you sai,so obvious u are just a fucking hater.

    • Wow, that comment is uncool on so many levels. I agree she doesn’t look great in the pic above, but she usually looks fabulous.

  2. Constance brings some class to the campaign. All of them look beautiful, but there’s just something high fashion about C.

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