Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson

Joanna Elizabeth


Published November 26, 2010

Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson

Russh takes androgynous inspired looks to another level within its most recent issue by featuring a mix and match of menswear and womenswear pieces from the likes of Dior Homme, Louis Vuitton Men, Burberry and more. Lensed by Will Davidson and styled by Stevie Dance, Cassi Van Den Dungen traverses the countryside in easy looks for the fall.

Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson
Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson
Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson
Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson
Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson
Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson
Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson

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18 thoughts on “Cassi Van Den Dungen for Russh #37 by Will Davidson”

  1. This is CASSI FROM AUSTRALIA NEXT TOP MODEL, she came second but in my mind was the clear winner. She can work a bit more on her poses but her face always reminded me of a very young Bridget Hall from the 1990’s. This girl has it.

  2. i know i know its mens cloths, but hey, make em fit just a bit more. i’m not asking for slimfit but so its cassual.
    shes great. and yeah flo, she could move a bit, not pose but work the camera bitch! =))

  3. I like her but I saw this picture where her hands were purple..
    either she smokes like a chimney or suffers from annorexia..
    I like her, but if she can’t be a model without turning her hands purple, then she shouldn’t

  4. She’s vile. She is absolutely vulgar. I think those who are able to look at these photographs and see the beauty without knowing the horrible truth about this joke of a girl are very lucky. She’s undeserving, unappreciative and a bad example of a human being. I know personal attacks are frowned apon, usually I’m only here to be surrounded by beauty and my love for fashion, but seeing such an ugly girl (inside, that is) just brought out ill feelings.

    As for the first comment that said about her not winning Australia’s Next Top Model, want to know why? Because all of those involved worried about her personality getting in the way. Which funnily enough, it did.

    • I agree totally. When I bought my copy of RUSSH I could barely look at these without feeling disgust at what a horrible human being she is. Inner beauty matters as much as the external.

    • Wow. You really hate this girl right!? 😀
      You describe her as a monster and don’t even know her personally. Yes, she was very immature on the show and right after the show! We haven’t heard of her since then. I’ve read several comments from people working with her and they were all positive (“Pleasure to work with” etc.). I’m not sure what you’re trying to achieve with your public rage here…

  5. I have worked with Cassie and she is the one of the loveliest most gentle models i’ve ever met.
    I think shows like next top model drum up the drama to make a show entertaining. Personally i think this is what is sick in this situation.
    Further to that i feel like until you have met someone in person you cant really say what they are like or comment on who they are.
    If you feel like you know someone from a TV show then you are mistaken and shallow.
    Next top model is not a good representation of the fashion industry or how it works.

    If you have some personal issues you need to raise with her then i would suggest you do it in person not on a blog site that is supposed to be about seeing the good in images.
    FGR is a great site that promotes constructive conversations about fashion and imagery not a place for personal vendettas.

    • I agree. A lot of the girls in cycle 5 were probably the bitchiest I’ve heard from things not shown, but they only focused on Cassi because she was supposed to be portrayed as a trashy bogan the enemy of the cycle up against Tahnee. I’m not excusing the questionable things she did, but she was only 16 at the time.

  6. I’ve known Cassi for just over a year. I’ve spent more than enough time with her to know what she’s like. Lets just say you’ll never meet someone so lovely and more professional.
    On set she cares about everyone before herself. Infront of the camera she only wants to make the picture the best it can be. Call me naive but that to me screams Top Model!


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